The 5 College Kid Styles

The 5 College Kid Styles

Wearing the same pants you went to sleep in? Only in college.

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Every college student knows that depending on the day, there is a different style that they encompass. Whether it is a lazy day or a day they wanna dress up, there is always a specific style that a college student has.

These are the five styles that you would see on any college campus:

1. The "I'm Too Lazy To Care" Outfits

This style is simple with the college student just throwing on a pair on sweatpants or literally just wearing the pants they went to sleep in because they were super lazy to take them off.

2. It's Springtime, It's Time To Look Cute Time

After a long winter for many students who are forced to wear outfits to just keep them warm, students begin to throw on their cutest outfits to finally try to look good for once.

3. The Gym Rats

All these kids wear is gym outfits because all they probably do is go to class and then straight to the gym. When you look in their closet all they probably have is clothes just for working out.

4. School Pride

These students have every pair of clothing that rep their school from socks to sweatshirts to leggings, they will rep anything to show off their school spirit.

5. The Picture Perfect Looking Student

These students do not slack off once. No matter what the weather is or how early their class might be, they get up every day throwing on something that looks pretty amazing.

Style is so apparent on college campuses and finding your own becomes natural when you begin to adapt to the college lifestyle. No matter if your wearing sweatpants or the cutest outfit, wear what makes you feel your best at college!

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