5 Statements People With Mental Illnesses Are Sick Of Hearing

1. Just Get Over It

One of the most infuriating and most stupid things to hear when struggling with a mental illness. Someone with a mental illness cannot simply “get over it”, as it doesn’t work that way, even if we wish we did. it is physically impossible to get over it, as it’s our own body giving us these emotions and disorders. While yes, we can do things to help cope and deal with our disorders or disorder, it is impossible to escape them.

2. It’s All In Your Head

While most people don’t get mental disorders so it’s easy to wonder if people are making it up, but trust me, it’s not something we should make up or lie about. All who have mental disorders wish to never had have it, it brings up so much shame that we don’t talk about it. Most of us can’t escape the very thoughts in your own head, so yes while literally it is in our head, we can be certain we aren’t making it up. Usually our mental disorders obviously has the symptoms that are in our mind, but I can assure you most of us also have physical symptoms as well. Indeed we do not make it up however it is easy to think we are making it up with so many horrible people thinking it’s ok to lie about it and persistently making fun of it, judging us with mental disorders.

3. You’re Too Pretty To Be Depressed

Often times we associate physical traits with how smart we are, which isn’t the case at all. Mental illness knows no gender, race, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation. While yes, those things can be contributing factors, it is not the sole cause of it. Mental illness can affect anyone no matter if you’re black, white, straight, gay, male or female, it only cares about being in your brain.

4. Just Exercise

Let me explain, yes this can actually be the “cure” or someones mental health management that keeps their mental illness at bay and reduce symptoms. But for a lot of us, it is not the case at all. For all lot of people with mental illness we need something completely different such as medications, different forms of therapy or combinations of both. Some of us even use other methods such natural remedies, it all depends of the person, their disorder and them and their body responds.

5. It’s For Attention

With social media being ramped and prominent in today’s society it is hard to decipher what’s real and not especially since we can’t see the person’s face as they type what they are saying. With all the misconceptions of mental illness made by former generations of humans and just nasty people online making fun of it, it can hard. With trends in the past making fun of it such as the whole trend of twitter in 2013, when the hashtag, “Cut For Harry” aka Harry Styles came around or “Cut For Justin” aka Justin Bieber. It only worsened this behavior is never ok, how would such people know without proper education. While, it is never an excuse to do such actions, I can see where lines may be slightly blurred, it’s hard to see what’s for attention, what’s a cry for help and what’s for awareness. But for the people who aren’t aware, the people who are doing those hashtags, making fun of it or faking having the illness they portray are seeking attention. The ones who actually have it, would most likely more often than not want attention on them or their illness. Most of us simply want the recognition we deserve and want and just want to be heard and not forgotten, we just want to be better.

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