5 Hacks For A Fun (And Safe) Spring Break

5 Hacks For A Fun (And Safe) Spring Break

Some tips to help you get through spring break.


It's that time of the semester! Finally, a chance for you to relax and take a break from your constant school work and work load. Whether you're going on an all-inclusive trip or on a trip with just a couple of friends, you should make sure you prepare yourself for the week ahead. Here are some spring break hacks to help you survive the week!

1. Stay hydrated

Water will be your best friend through spring break if you're going to be hanging around the beach or pool all day. Make sure you remember to drink water when you wake up in the morning and throughout the day. The sun will dehydrate your body very quickly.

2. Pack lightly

Plan ahead on what you absolutely need to pack and make a list so you know you don't forget anything. Make sure the list includes essentials like any medications, sunscreen, sunglasses, deodorant, makeup, etc. Try and plan out some things on your vacation so you can plan what to wear on certain days.

3. Treat yourself

You deserve to pamper yourself this spring break. You have worked so hard this semester and deserve to treat yourself whether it be to a mani-pedi, a mini shopping spree, or a delicious meal. Do it because you deserve it!

4. Buddy system

No matter what happens, do not let yourself stray from your group. You may be in an unfamiliar place and you don't want anything to happen. Make sure to look out for your friends and stick together!

5. Relax

Spring break is meant for relaxation. Take the time to catch up on some sleep and clear your mind. Go to the beach and read a book you have been dying to read. You will realize how much you miss reading a book you're actually interested in since you are so used to reading boring text books.

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