5 Sports pump up music
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5 Sports pump up music

In the land of sports, bands have their songs used all the time to get the crowd wild up

5 Sports pump up music
The Sportaquotient

In the world of sports, everyone associates it to player's ability to produce massive points, touchdowns, goals, home-runs, or championships (I am talking about you Mr. Tom Brady). All of this is true about a player's ability to rise teams to stardom, but what gets the crowd wild up. THE SONGS! Oh yes the songs gets the crowd, players, and coaches pumped up for the game despite all situations. Some songs have been known in mainstream society and no one has realized that the songs were pumping up type music. Let's begin the top 5 songs in sports that can get someone pumped up

5 songs in sports to get the crowd going

Honorary mention: Come and Get it- I Prevail

Before the list officially starts, there has to be an honorary mention to I Prevail. I Prevail has quickly risen up to stardom from their cover of Taylor Swift's Blank Space. These guys from Detroit has been on the rise for the last two years and this includes multiple sold out headlining tours. From their debut album Lifelines comes the hard hitting track of Come and Get it. Honestly I do not know why this song is not in every teams playlist of pumping up music because the song starts with the sirens in a distance and loudly getting louder (if that makes sense) and everything just kicks off hard. And with Eric's screaming matched up with Brian's melody voice, the song is a perfect mix and match. The fan-base absolutely adores this song and have tried to get professional sports teams to add the song to the team's playlist. Think a sports team should have it, but at last none of the professional sports teams has this song. The song can easily get a crowd of people wild up set for kickoff, a pitcher coming out of a dugout, or when a goal is scored aka soccer or hockey. So this is why the song is a honorary mention on the list, so anyone know anybody in a professional sports team. If so then mention the person about this song to see a professional sports team will adapt it themselves.

5) Hells Bells- AC/DC

To start off the list comes an old time band that is still internationally loved by a elegance of fans. Yes I am talking about AC/DC, you know the band that is now fronted by Guns N' Roses lead singer Axl Rose. But a time before Axl Rose, the band was the most relevant band in the 1970's and the 1980's. From their album Back in Black, comes the lead off song from the album Hells Bells. The album was the first album without Bon Scott (died from alcohol poisoning) and seemed like the band was over, but the year after Bon's death the band released this album. Hells Bells begins with the ringing of the bells that lasts for about the first minute or two. Then all of during the bells, the guitar kicks in, following by the drums laying down the memorable beginning kick drum beat. Even from this part alone without the lyrics, people get pumped up every time as they know it is time to begin the battle. The song has been adapted to a lot of sports teams, but memorably football teams on third down or kickoff loves to use this song to get the crowd into the game. Thanks to the sports teams, the song will forever be lived in everyone's memories from the opening kickoff to the third down stoppage.

4) We are the Champions- Queen

Next on the list is once again another timeless classic from an internationally known band. I am talking about Queen with We are the Champions, as this is a victory song for sports teams after winning the game or the championship. The song comes from Queen's album News of the World, also known as maybe on the the best Queen albums in the bands existence. The song came out in 1977 with Freddy Mercury doing the vocals and writing one of many memorable songs from the band. The song is a victory song because of the beginning of the song with the piano and Freddy Mercury slowly beginning to sing. And from the chorus, explains that the person or team became champions with their friends and went through battles together to become champions of the world. The song has been internationally known since the song's release in 1977 so about 40 years the song has been a stable of victory anthems fro sports teams. Most famous event that uses the song is after the Super Bowl concludes and the trophy is presented is where the song usually comes in so more or less you have heard the song with crowds singing along with the lyrics.

3) Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne

Now after the Black Sabbath days the first time around, Ozzy decided to make his own album with this great song. Little did Ozzy know, the song would be used in sports through almost every sport. The song is known as Crazy Train from his album, Blizzard of Ozz which was Ozzy's debut album after being fired from Black Sabbath. The song begins with All aboard! which means everyone come a board to the craziness of the train. Every sports fan knows once they hear All aboard from Ozzy that means get up and cheer and hoot and holler for the team through everything. The beginning guitar riffs want to make someone get up and start bashing their heads like a 1980 metal head headbanging to the song. The song has been out since 1981, and is still relevant because the song is always played at a stadium every time like Metlife Stadium or Heinz Field. It is kind of hard to say what sports teams use the song, but lets go with 50% of NFL teams and about 80% of NHL teams.

2) Welcome to the Jungle- Guns N' Roses

Time to go to Axl Rose's primary band, comes Welcome to the Jungle. The song first came out in 1987, back when Axl's voice was actually the best sounding voice in the American Rock band industry. The song comes from the bands popular album, Appetite for Destruction and is probably easiest one of my favorite albums from the band. The song starts with Slash playing the guitar riffs that are echoed known as the riffs to know the real stuff is going to go down. This means that everyone in the stadium has to get up and get loud as the team takes the field. The song has been relevant for this reason of being used at sports games, little does anyone know in the Grand Theft Auto commercial the song was used for that as well. But in sports arenas once the song begins, there is no one sitting down as everyone is on their feet to cheer and get really loud and pumped for the game. The song has pretty much been adopted into all 32 NFL teams as the team's coming out song and the crowds get rowdy and pumped for the football game.

1) Thunderstuck- AC/DC & Seven Nation Army- The White Stripes

Okay I know two songs at number one is unsanitary, but both songs deserve to be on this list. Lets first talk about Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. The song is reverently new in 2002, the song came out and was quickly thrown into the sports scene as a pump up music jam. The song is famously know for the beginning drum kick and has the low bass slide in the complement the drum kick. And the song is also put into every NFL teams introduction playlist that gets everyone standing up and set to go. Interesting fact the beginning drum kick was actually produced by a women and she became more famous for the drum kick. Now time to jump the savior song for AC/DC. For the second time on the list AC/DC clocks in with Thunderstruck. The reason I called the song a savior because the year before the song came out the band was at an all time low and almost disbanded. But in 1990, the band released Thunderstruck and their album The Razors Edge put the band right back on the map of the rock industry. The song is most famously known for the songs guitar riffs that can make everyone know the song immediately from the guitar riffs. The song is practically played at every sport team possible and known all over the world and the United States.

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