5 Small New Years Resolutions You Should Actually Keep
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5 Small New Years Resolutions You Should Actually Keep

Let's start the New Year smaller with smaller resolutions, because maybe then we will actually accomplish them..

5 Small New Years Resolutions You Should Actually Keep

New Years resolutions. We may mock them but every single year, here we are again making them. The truth is everyone everyone wants to get fit, eat better, travel more and make more money but those can be hard to achieve and overwhelming to even think about. It's not practical to think that on January 1 you will just start living your life completely differently and making all these new changes. Although that may be great, maybe just implementing little changes will have just as big of an effect. So let's start the New Year smaller with smaller resolutions, because maybe then we will actually accomplish them and make some well needed changes. Here are 10 small New Years Resolutions you should actually keep this New Year!

1. Detox from technology

Social media, the internet, your e-mails, everything. Just find a day and make it a point to stay off your phone, your computer, and so on.

2. Take pictures of happy moments

Who cares how many likes it could get on Instagram. It's all about the moments of true happiness. Those are the kinds of pictures you should be capturing.

3. Journal

Journaling is so therapeutic and it is the perfect way to help you destress and express yourself. Journals are also really entertaining to look back on in the future, you'll be happy you kept one.

4. Do one thing you've never done before

It doesn't have to be anything drastic, trying a new activity, going somewhere new, any kind of new experience. If you do at least one thing unfamiliar or out of your comfort zone then the year was worth it just because of that.

5. Make Plans

Don't just rely on your phone as your main source of communication, actually go out and do things with the people who matter the most to you.

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