5 Secrets From A Dunkin' Donuts Employee That You've Been Dying to Know.

5 Secrets From A Dunkin' Donuts Employee That You've Been Dying to Know.

All the sweet stuff that people are most curious about.


For over six months I've been working at Dunkin Donuts. The employee skills are my ability to deal with stressful situations, including cranky customers. Most of the stressful people that come in are people that are just unaware of the Dunkin' policies, especially the ones that visit via drive-thru (luckily at my dunkin we do not have one)! There are some things that I’m sure every Dunkin’ employee has wanted to tell the customers. Here are a few things that Dunkin’ Donuts workers want you to know. Read this, and you will become very well informed about the Dunkin' lifestyle!

1) There is a standard for the amount of cream and sugar. Small is 2, medium is 3, large is 4, and extra large is 5. If you ask for a small coffee with cream and sugar, and we repeat back two and two, don’t correct us. We’re right. (The same goes for the amount of shots/swirls we put in.) If you wanted any coffee "light and sweet" or "extra extra light and sweet" we add one more sugar and cream to any beverage and for "extra extra light and sweet" two per any coffee beverage.

2) If you don’t say whether your coffee is hot or iced, we assume it is hot. We love quick transactions, so it really drives us nuts when we have to remake a coffee because you never specified whether it was hot or iced. Tell us, or we won’t know, and we as the coffee makers wants to make sure you leave with a smile!

3) Lattes are espresso and milk. They don’t come “light and sweet.” They don’t come with cream. The only choice you have is whole milk or skim milk, regular or decaf. We can add sugar if you like, but it isn’t standard, so you have to ask if you want it.

4) “Regular” has more than one meaning. A lot of people tend to order their coffee regular, then get mad when we ask exactly how their coffee is. To some people, “regular” refers to original blend, as opposed to decaf or dark roast. To others, it means hot rather than iced. And to others, it simply means regular cream and sugar. So just be specific and we will make it right.

5) Fill out the surveys. At the bottom of every receipt, there is a link to a survey online. Fill that out, and you can get a free donut, Please do these; it may seem like a simple thing, but it means the world to us to know what we are doing right (or wrong).

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