5 Safety Tips For Walking Alone At Night

5 Safety Tips For Walking Alone At Night

These tips will help you avoid and escape an attacker.

Unfortunately, sexual assault and other violent crimes are prevalent on college campuses across the country. This article is not meant to scare anybody, but to provide you with some tips that hopefully will make you feel more safe the next time you are walking back from the library late at night, or simply walking in the parking lot of a store after dark.

1. Let your roommate, friends or family know where you are.

If you are coming back from a party or from studying at the library, let your roommate, family, boyfriend, or any other friend know what time you think you'll be arriving back home. That way, if you do not return a reasonable amount of time after your estimated arrival, they can better assess the situation and start to ask around to see if anyone has seen you or go look for you.

2. FaceTime somebody if you're feeling unsafe.

If you are on FaceTime with a friend, it feels as though someone is walking with you. If something does happen to you, they are more likely to see someone come up behind you or see the phone drop than if you were just talking on the phone. When using this method, DO NOT USE HEADPHONES. Using headphones makes you more vulnerable to an attack. Make sure to still be aware of your surroundings by scanning the area rather than solely focusing on your phone.

3. Carry your keys and phone in your hand.

If a potential attacker spots your backpack or purse, this may be the first thing he goes for. He might be more interested in the cash in your purse than he is in you. If this happens you can throw your purse or backpack away from you and get away with the things you really need: a phone to call the police and a friend, and keys to get into your car or dorm/apartment/house.

4. Go for the eyes, nose, groin or throat.

These are probably the most painful spots to hit on an attacker. If you choose to go for the eyes, use both thumbs to gouge both eyes. If you choose to go for the groin, a hard kick to the groin will impair someone temporarily. If you choose to go for the throat, a "karate chop" to the throat will cause the attacker to cough, choke, and even impair breathing. Any of these will buy you some time to get away.

5. Lock your car.

If you have to park in a parking lot or garage before walking to your destination, do not sit in your car for an extended amount of time. This can give an attacker time to spot you and follow you when you get out of the car. If you must sit in the car to make a quick phone call or gather your stuff, lock the doors and scan the area before getting out of the car. This may be obvious, but make sure to lock your car doors after getting out of the car as well. This prevents valuables from being stolen, but also prevents an unwanted visitor from being in the car waiting for you when you return.

Again, these safety tips are not meant to scare you, but hopefully give you some peace of mind the next time you have to walk home alone at night.

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Home For The Summer

Home sweet home.


Now that school is finally over, I packed up all my stuff and finally got to go home and be with my family again. More specifically, I got to see my dog.

Moving out was a hassle. I didn't realize how much crap I actually had. Sure, it started off not too bad when I moved in, but over the course of the year, more and more stuff came into my possession. By the time I was supposed to move out, it was like I had twice the amount of stuff from when I started. It took two days to officially move all of my belongings back home.

Since being home, I've noticed a couple of things.

First of all, my mom missed me a lot. Hi, Mom. :)

It's not like when I went to college, I completely disappeared from my mom's life or anything like that. We talked on the phone often, and she would visit me sometimes to take me and my sister out to dinner or something with our dad. Also, with the number of times I had gotten sick throughout the entire year, it was like every other week I came home.

The first day I came home, she made a run to the store and called me asking if there was anything I needed, and I said not to my knowledge. She came home with a crap ton of my favorite ice cream and snacks, just because.

Another thing she's been doing is cooking every night. My mom works during the week, so understandably when she gets home, she doesn't always feel like slaving away in front of the stove to make dinner. However, for whatever reason, my mom has made it her sole mission to make me gain 20 pounds by the time the fall semester comes around.

She knows I hated the food at school, so whenever she cooks dinner, she mentions that I love being home because I get to have real food. I mean, I'm not complaining. Who doesn't love a homecooked meal?

I can tell my dad is pretty happy about me being home with the new change in the menu.

Second of all, for the time being, I have A LOT of free time.

Now, this will change once I get my summer job, but as of right now, I have nothing to do. Both of my parents work during the week, and I didn't really keep in touch with the majority of my high school peers, so I have no one to hang out with. I mean, I could see some of my college buddies and sorority sisters, but everyone lives far as hell away.

This is kind of difficult for me. Not because I can't just spend time alone; I have no problem with that. However, I'm used to having a full schedule. Aside from just being used to it, I like it. I'm one of those people who likes to keep busy.

When I'm out and about or have a lot of things to do, I feel productive. Now, I just feel lazy because I literally have nothing to do. To try and counteract this, I've resorted to doing a personal project throughout the summer.

I just need something to occupy my time. Boredom sucks.

I'm glad to be home, though. Living at college is great, sure, and you have all this freedom to do whatever you want and you won't get in trouble or whatever, but I don't really care about all of that. Family is very important to me.

My mom, as crazy as she is, is my best friend, I tell her everything. Living away from that can really stink. Makes me wonder if that is why I kept getting sick so much. Like it was my body's way of forcing me to go home and be with my family.

This summer is going to be a much-needed break from school. I'm excited to see where things go.


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