5 Reasons Why A Planner Is Essential In College
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5 Reasons Why A Planner Is Essential In College

A list of reasons why planners are essential to your college career!

5 Reasons Why A Planner Is Essential In College
Corinne C

A planner may seem like just another thing to buy. As a broke college student, it’s hard to decide what books and access codes need to be bought first. But planners can be cheap, and they are worth every penny. Here are five reasons why I think planners should be in every college student’s backpack.

1. To Keep Track of Assignments and Tests

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In high school, you would have homework due every day; you did not need to keep track of when your math homework was due, because it was due tomorrow. In addition, teachers would constantly remind you about big projects coming up or that you had a test next week. But in college, your professors expect you to look at the syllabi and keep track of the test and homework dates yourself. They may give you a list of four dates throughout the semester when you will have tests and never mention it again, until you arrive to class and they start checking IDs and passing out testing materials. Professors may post your homework online, and if you don't check their site every day, you could end up missing a homework deadline resulting in a zero. That "A" never seemed so far; say goodbye to your scholarships. By having a planner, you can keep track of those homework dates and test dates so that you are prepared.

2. To Make Sure You Don't Overcommit

In college, all of the clubs, events, and opportunities can seem so exciting. You may want to do them all. By having a planner, you can see how much time you have available, and decide if you can join the fencing club or if you are just too busy. You can prioritize the events you already have planned (like football games, sorority events, club meetings, etc.) to make sure that you are doing what you want to do most.

3. To Prevent Procrastination

It can be easy to get carried away with the bustle and fun of college and forget to take time to do homework and study. With a planner, you can set aside certain time each day, week, or month, to sit down with no distractions and study. I recommend setting this time aside before you schedule other events so that you ensure that you have time to study in your busy life.

4. To Talk to Your Parents

Just like studying, it can be easy to forget to talk to your parents. You may feel independent and like you don’t need them, but staying close to your parents while in college can have its advantages. Block out some time in your planner to call your mom, even if it is only the ten minutes it takes you to walk to class or to the dining hall.

5. To Make Sure You Have Fun

Planning can be tedious and boring, but it has immense pay-offs. By scheduling time to study and to do other mandatory things (like going to class and club meetings), you may find more free time then you first thought you had. This free time can be used to have fun. Go see that movie that you thought looked good. Explore the city. Find a really good restaurant. Use your planner as a tool to help you live your life to the fullest.

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