Ahh, yes, that wonderful period between September and the end of November, most commonly referred to as fall, but we all know that it revolves around Halloween because it’s the first major holiday right after Independence Day. Yeah, summer is great and all because of the freedom it allows you, but let’s face it, it way too hot for anyone who doesn’t live in Antarctica to enjoy it. So I’m going to give you the top 5 reasons why fall is #1!

1. Halloween!

Well obviously Halloween is the best part of Halloween season. Who doesn’t love dressing up in fun or horrific costumes? And it’s completely acceptable all October long! Or is that just me? Plus candy! And everyone loves a great Halloween party!

2. Pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and corn mazes!

Pumpkin patches were legit the best part of October in elementary school. Running through the patch and fighting over the biggest pumpkin was the best way to establish friendships, am’I’right? Haunted houses and attractions are always a thing to look forward to, especially if you love being scared and are an adrenaline junkie like me; it’s really the best part of Halloween! Corn mazes go along with pumpkin patches, especially when we had those falls festivals in elementary school. You know, the ones with the hay rides and the big bouncy slide. It’s always great to get lost in a (designated) corn maze and try to find your way out of it.

3. Cool weather

I live in Alabama, so if you step foot outside on a July afternoon, be ready to have your face shrivel up. A southern summer is no joke, so when the cool weather starts coming in, it’s glorious! It’s nice and crisp, and it gives you a feeling that you can’t describe, like a feeling of renewal- even though everything starts dying! It’s the perfect weather to spend your day in, and the chilly nights are great for fires and hoodies. And since it’s colder, you don’t have to worry about having your swimsuit body! The cold weather also makes all of those pesky bugs, such as mosquitoes and wasps, return back to whatever horrific dimension they spawn from.

4. All of the colors

When fall hits and leaves begin to change colors, forget a winter wonderland, I’ll take all the shades of Autumn instead. Nothing is better than driving down a road and seeing all of the different shades of red, yellow, and orange. And when they start to fall, it’s always fun to walk on them and hear that nice crunch.

5. Turkey Day

And last but certainly not least are the holidays. We’ve already covered that Halloween is simply the best, but another great holiday is Thanksgiving! When you have all of your family and friends gathered around (with no drama!), there is just no other place you’d rather be.

So there you have it, a list of why I believe that fall (AKA Halloween season) is the best time of year. And I’m sure that most of y’all agree.

Keep a look out for a future article from me about the best haunted attractions in America!