5 Reasons Why Fishing Is The Best Sport

During the summer many people fish. I am one of those people. However, some people do not think that fishing is the best. However, here are 5 reasons why fishing really is the best sport ever.

1. You get to buy fun things to put on your rod.

This may include lures, worms, or corn, but whatever it is it sure is fun to put on the line.

2. Casting.

It's like the hunger games (kinda) because you throw it hoping that the rod is forever in your favor and that it landed next to a jackpot full of fish.

3. Getting a bite is always exciting whether you catch something or not especially since you always have that chance.

4. Just hanging out with your friends, chilling, and telling stories when fishing.

5. Lastly, catching the fish and letting it go (or eating it) is probably the best part about fishing in general.

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