1. Being torn between multiple decisions

At some point in life everyone goes through the important decision-making process. At that point most would likely be torn between, at most, two decisions. Whether it be buying this over that or which job is better or what college to go to. Should I be buying this expensive item or save the money? Should I take the job I love or the one with the better pay? Is this college better for me than that one? The best way to decide between multiple decisions is taking the leap of faith and going with the decision that your mind keeps going back to. If there are ever second guesses or lingering thoughts about not choosing that choice, then choose it! It is about taking that leap after all while embracing it and trusting yourself for doing it. Life is a one way direction, it does not stop for you because it will keep going forward.

2. Creating no regrets

Regret. That is one of the words that no one would ever like to repeat and remind themselves over and over for making a decision over another. It rolls of the tongue with a bitter after taste, does it not? Take a leap of faith for the choice that you truly want, so you will not regret it later. Sometimes the safer route is not always the best because once a decision is set in motion, it is like a pendulum swing. One thing leads to another and another. Even if you start over again, the conditions will not be the same. Choose the choice that will not make you have regrets and as before, not second guessing yourself is a good way to keep in check.

3. Once in a lifetime opportunities and chances

One could say life is like a deck of cards. Sometimes you get the card you are dealt, but sometimes you get to choose which card. In this instance, opportunities like these do not arise often. When you get the chance and opportunity to do something that you had always wanted to do or are not sure of doing, take that leap of faith. Take the chance and 'play' with it because who knows when another opportunity comes running along to be caught by you. As some people like to say, "life is really too short to be at the mercy of others."

4. Taking the path less traveled

More often than not most of us would rather take the safer path because as its name implies it is safe. While that may provide comfort and is conventional, the path less traveled is the one that you should take a leap of faith towards. Why? The question should be "Why not?" Many who go this route always come out a stronger person not only in mentality but also in physique and spirituality. In this aspect, forging your own path is even better, so why not? All you need is to take the leap of faith and believe in yourself. The conventions of society does not necessarily chain people to always stay on the safer path.

5. If adventure is what you seek, then adventure you shall find

Sometimes life can be dull when the same process is almost repeated everyday because the expected always occurs. I am sure some of us has or is experiencing this. Spicing it up with that leap of faith I had told you is a whole new adventure in it itself already. As what I have been told "expect the unexpected." If adventure and a new change of scenery is what you want, then find it. If you cannot find it then create it. Sometimes having faith in yourself is taking that leap of faith towards the black abyss of the unexpected to start your adventure. It is never too late to do anything because all the time in the world belongs to you, but you have to choose how to spend it.