1. American-made

Take a look around at your recent purchases. How many of them say made in the USA? I can ensure you that slim to none will read that on the tag. American Bench Craft is made in the USA, providing jobs locally and boosting our very own economy.

2. Hand-Crafted

Along with the novelty of being made in the USA, each item made by American Bench Craft is hand-crafted. Cutting, riveting, and stamping is all uniquely done by hand. Every product is made by a real person, making each product one of a kind.

3. The materials

American Bench Craft benefits not only our economy but also our environment. ABC avoids the many harmful environmental impacts associated with chrome tanning by using vegetable tanned leather. The company’s consolidated manufacturing and use of hand tools helps to minimize the companies C02 emissions as well.

4. The design

One of American Bench Craft’s most popular products is their Hammer Riveted Wallet. The design is especially important because it solves a problem. ABC designed a wallet with a single piece of leather that includes no thread stitching, increasing the durability of the product. The wallet is secured by metal fasteners, making it above the competition in strength.

5. Customizable

To add to the personal touches that go into every American Bench Craft product, you can add your own personal flare to the products as well. Whether it be for yourself or for someone else, a name, logo, or monogram, can add the something extra to your purchase.