For those of us who have some ink, we remember the first time we ever stepped into a tattoo parlor. The generic options on the walls and the harmony of buzzing tattoo guns are still a not so distant memory. If you brought a friend with you like I did, you remember cutting off the circulation to their fingers every time the artist hit a tender spot. Then the feeling of walking away with a permanent memory of that period in your life. It's a nostalgia that beacons you back with a divine ambrosia. so without further ado, here are 5 reasons to get that new tattoo.

1. Because Your Other Tattoo(s) is/are Lonely

Everybody needs a best buddy! Why are our tattoo's any different? Even if you have 50 tattoos, they could welcome one more zany brainchild of yours to the bunch. The more friends the merrier!

2. Skin is So Boring Left Plain

Take this guy with the tiger tattoo standing next to his buddies as an example. Like yes his friends are buff and all, but his tiger really pops and makes him stand out in the group and gives him a great conversational piece. His friends really only have the good looks going for them, but he has a tiger.

3. Tattoo's Showcase Your Creativity

Tattoos are the real windows to the soul. Tattoo's tell a story, and help people break the ice in conversation. They tell a story about the person. It's your way to show the world who you are all the time. You don't have to dig through your portfolio to show off a tattoo.

4. It Doesn't Hurt That Bad!

Getting a new tattoo may hurt your wallet, but as far as the physical pain, that's dependent on your pain tolerance. However, comparatively it is not the most painful thing that can happen to a person. Childbirth and breaking your femur are higher up on the pain scale than getting a tattoo. Realistically though, it is a temporary pain that only lasts a couple of weeks.

5. The Sentimental Value (*TRIGGER WARNING* Suicide)

Many people use tattoos as a means to commemorate a period in their life, or the loss of a loved one. They are constant reminders of that time and what we had. As an example, my tattoo is a commemoration to the loss of dear pets. I know a friend who got a tattoo when her father passed to commemorate his memory. There are many people who have a semicolon tattoo as a sign of beating or fighting depression and suicidal idealization. Many breast cancer survivors get mastectomy tattoos and pink ribbons. Those in the LGBTQIA+ community get tattoos of the rainbow flag and others to show their pride in their sexuality. Tattoo's can mean many things to many people.