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5 Reasons Why It Sucks to be a College Vegetarian

"No, I don't eat meat. You can wipe the horrified look off of your face!"

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1. People are always asking dumb questions to you about your diet


If one more person asks how you are balancing your diet while they sit and eat a bacon cheeseburger, violent acts may occur.

2. You eat so much pasta and so many french fries, you are slowly turning into a starch monster


But what a lovely monster to be, you and cookie monster could meet up and have feasts!

3. You frequently enter the dining hall expecting an excellent meal and are forced to eat an entire dinner made up of sides.

Source: Tumblr

Oh look fries!

4. All the progress you made toward actually liking vegetables and salads while at home are thrown out the window

Source: Tumblr

Pizza with broccoli counts as a salad, right?

5. Sometimes, after a long night out when all of your friends are chowing down on chicken fingers, you are forced to contemplate leaving behind your meat free life.


But then you think of the little chicks and continue to eat your second serving of fries for the day.

Source: Tumblr

A Brooklyn Girl who loves a good pun almost as much as a good slice of pizza.

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