5 Reasons Why Spider-Man Cannot Leave The MCU
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5 Reasons Why Spider-Man Cannot Leave The MCU

Mr. Stark, we don't feel so good.


The Disney-Sony standoff has ended Marvel's involvement in the upcoming "Spider-Man" films. Disney requested a 50/50 split in regards to money for the upcoming films, which was too much for Sony to give in to because the Spidey films are their most successful ones.

Being that Spider-Man is owned by Sony and Disney holds the rest of the MCU, he will be exiting the Marvel Universe, and we don't feel so good about it.

Making Spider-Man disappear from the MCU is going to create a pretty confusing storyline, being that he has been so heavily involved in the last few "Avengers" films. His life has changed, and the way he acts like a hero is extremely reliant on his relationships with the other Avengers.

It's a sad, sad day to see Spider-Man go, but I have a question for Sony: How are they going to continue his story outside of the MCU? Here's why Spider-Man cannot leave the MCU.

1. The whole reason Tony Stark agreed to time travel was to save Spider-Man.

After Thanos' snap made Spider-Man disappear, Tony was hung up on losing the kid, and it was one of the most crucial reasons why he decided to go back in time to try to save everyone. With Spider-Man gone from the MCU, it's like Tony's death was for nothing. Iron Man did not die for nothing.

2. Happy and Aunt May can't be together.

Happy is a part of the Marvel Universe and Aunt May is Spider-Man's aunt. If Spider-Man is taken out of the MCU, there's no way Aunt May and Happy can have a relationship. I was so happy about these two getting together.

3. Spider-Man's suit wouldn't exist without the help of Stark.

Stark gave Peter Parker a new suit in "Spider-Man: Homecoming", which he continued to wear in the following movies. This one is an upgrade from Peter's original homemade suit that didn't have all the gadgets and abilities that the Stark one holds. In "Spider-Man: Far From Home," Parker makes a new suit aboard the Stark Jet, using all of Tony's tools.

If he's taken out of the MCU, this new suit wouldn't exist. Peter will have to go back to his original homemade suit.

4. Peter won't have the help of EDITH.

EDITH, which stands for "Even Dead, I'm the Hero," is an artificial intelligence created by Stark that is wired into a pair of sunglasses. Tony leaves these for Peter Parker, which allows him to deploy drones to take out targets. EDITH was a big part of "Spider-Man: Far From Home," and because it's from the MCU, it wouldn't make sense if Peter got to keep it in the upcoming movies.

5. We'll be deprived of the Stark and Parker father/son relationship.

Whether Tony is dead or alive, Peter looks up to him wholeheartedly. If Spider-Man is taken from the MCU, are we supposed to forget everything that went on between these two? Because I don't think it's possible to forget that. I don't think it's possible for Spider-Man to not think about Tony Stark. He was a huge part of Peter's life.

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