5 Reasons Not To Trust Hillary Clinton
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5 Reasons Not To Trust Hillary Clinton

Don't get fooled again.

5 Reasons Not To Trust Hillary Clinton
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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

How many times will Hillary Clinton continue to deceive the American people without repercussions? Over and over she has demonstrated her willingness to lie, disregarding the legal system and betraying the trust of the American people, and every time she has emerged from the scandal practically unscathed. While it is one thing to give people a chance to change, her actions over the last 40 years have made it perfectly clear that Clinton has no interest in changing her ways.

Here are five examples taken from over the course of Clinton's legal and political careers where she demonstrated why she should not be trusted.

1974 - The House Judiciary Committee

One of Hillary's first jobs on the political scene was working for the Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee. During that time, she was part of the team that investigated the actions of President Richard Nixon and the American people got their first demonstration of how willing Hillary Clinton is to manipulate her position in order to achieve a personal objective. According to her then-boss Jerry Zeifman, Clinton gave "erroneous legal opinions," tried to "deny Nixon representation by counsel," "wrote fraudulent legal briefs," and "confiscated public documents."

Zeifman would later write a book titled "Hillary's Pursuit of Power" in which he says "Hillary Clinton is ethically unfit to be either a Senator or President - and if she were to become President, the last vestiges of the traditional moral authority of the party of Roosevelt, Truman, and Johnson will be destroyed." He ultimately fired Clinton from the committee and refused to write her a letter of recommendation. "She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer," he said. "She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality."

1993 - Travelgate

It was not long after Bill Clinton took office as President of the United States that Hillary got herself into her first scandal as First Lady. Eight government employees from U.S. Travel Agency were fired in order to make way the hiring of Clinton allies, including Bill's 25-year-old cousin Catherine Cornelius who was hired as the agency's head.

In addition to firing the employees, the Clintons used their power to launch a FBI investigation into the former employees on charges of embezzlement. It only took a jury 20 minutes to decide that the former head of the travel office was not guilty of all charges. However, Clinton still managed to ruin this man's life by subjecting his family to a fruitless, 3-year IRS audit and crippling legal bills resulting in over $450,000 in debt.

1994 - Whitewater

This scandal began with investigations into the Whitewater Development Corp., a real estate investment firm in which the Clintons were minority partners. The company was accused of impropriety over improper campaign contributions and for soliciting political and financial favors, as well as tax benefits. Majority partners James and Susan McDougal were jailed for fraud along with Clinton successor Gov. Jim Tucker and municipal judges David Hale and Eugene Fitzhugh. The Clintons were never formally charged for any crimes relating to Whitewater, despite their partial ownership of the company.

During the course of the Whitewater investigation, several documents pertaining to the case from the Rose Law Firm, where Hillary Clinton had previously worked, disappeared. They would be found two years later in the Clintons' private residence in the White House. Despite her claims that she had no idea how the documents got there, both her fingerprints and the prints of White House Legal Counsel Vince Foster were found on the document. Thus, Hillary Clinton had the honor of being the first First Lady of the the United States to be fingerprinted by the FBI.

1996 - Chinagate

In 1996, it was discovered that Chinese banks were using the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. to siphon funds to the Democratic National Committee. The money was sent with the intention of boosting President Clinton's dwindling poll numbers. In exchange, then-Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown sold seats on department trade missions to China at Hillary's instruction.

No action was taken regarding this incident, as Republicans were not eager to have their dirty campaign laundry aired out for all to see, while the Monica Lewinsky scandal kept Chinagate out of the media.

2000 - Lootergate

In 2001, it was discovered that the Clintons had been shipping White House furniture to their newly purchased home in Chappaqua, New York for over a year. The furniture had been donated to the government as part of a White House redecoration project in 1993. However, they claimed that the items were "personal gifts received by the Clintons, prior to President Clinton assuming Office." The Clintons were later pressured into returning the stolen items back to the White House.

Present - Benghazi and Email Server

During her time as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton continued with her practice of deceit and document destruction. Groups such as the Associated Press and Judicial Watch were repeatedly denied access to requested documents from the State Department, violating the Freedom of Information Act. We now know that the State Department could not release the documents because they never had them in the first place. The missing 115 pages from the Rose Law Firm's billing record is nothing in comparison to the thousands of emails that Hillary sent, received, and ultimately destroyed on her private server.

Hillary Clinton has made it perfectly clear that she has little regard for following the law when it does not suit her and that she will not hesitate to lie and obstruct justice in order to get her way. So I ask you, how can a person with no honesty, no integrety, and no interest in following the rules and laws established in the Constitution of the United States possibly be trusted not to misuse the office of the President?

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