​​5 reasons why I love the internet

In my very few years of experience on this planet, the internet continues to be one of my favorite sources of entertainment and news. Many people bash our generation's “obsession” with the internet and I’ve seen many articles that talk about why we should step back from our keyboards and get back to reality. I thought it would be nice to see some of the light-hearted and sometimes obscene joy the internet also gives us. Yes, there are some horrible things and people on the internet but there is also some comical and relatable content and areas that I enjoy so here are a few of my favorite ~ totally internet ~ things:


There are literally videos of animals doing everything from speaking to cuddling to jumping off window ledges (I’m looking at you sail cat) and I’m so here for it. Sometimes you just need something that will make you smile or laugh and these 7 second videos or pictures of animals doing just about anything definitely fit the criteria for a toothy grin.

2.) General Worldly News

Okay this one is kind of a lame journalism student thing but I love the large amount of constantly updated news sources on the internet. Yes, you may have to sift through a bunch of bias and sometimes take fact with grain of salt but it is truly amazing how quickly we can get international news now and you can now have a tangible source of seeing how some worldwide tragedies effect everyone.

3.) People Doing Dumb Things

Don’t lie, you have seen the compilations of bad infomercial highlights and don’t you dare try to tell me that you haven’t seen the video of the women yelling about apple care in the apple store. We are human and as humans we love to laugh at the expense of other….especially when they do something really dumb.

4.) MeMeS ~

Okay so the internet is the only place I know where someone can put a vague comment with a picture of Kermit drinking tea and I literally start cry-laughing. Memes may seem stupid and sometimes they are but for some reason they are so relatable. Make sure you pay attention or when you’re not looking, a friend will snap a picture and you’re the next meme.

5.) All The Art

Artists have so many more chances to get their work out to thousands and thousands of people on the internet nowadays. From fanart to comics, it is so cool to have all of these amazing pieces within our reach in seconds. Also, it gives so many incredible artists that moment in the spotlight they deserve.

So the internet may be full of fighting, indirect tweets and whatever the heck Ray Sipe’s vine account is, but sometimes it actually informs us about our world and even more times it has some of the most hilarious content I’ve ever seen. Surf safely.

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