5 Reasons Why James Corden Has the Best Late Night Show

5 Reasons Why James Corden Has the Best Late Night Show

James Corden does not disappoint.

James Corden is a funny, talented, gifted actor and host. He can do just about anything. He's been in musicals, movies, hosts award shows and also hosts his very own late night show. James Corden the Late Late Show is the best late night show and I am here to give you five reason why.

1. Carpool Karaoke

James Corden does carpool karaokes with a bunch of celebrities. One Direction, Justin Bieber, Adele, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder and much more have all stared on James' carpool karaoke segment. He knows every single song by the guest star and it amazes me how much they all get into it! They sing their biggest hits and if you are Bruno Mars, who just sing practically his whole album throughout his segment. If you need something to brighten your day up, look up carpool karaoke videos!

2. James' Interviews

If there is one thing I know about James it is that he loves media and the entertainment business. During the interviews James hosts, he is not afraid to ask the most ridiculous and out there kind of questions. Even if they are serious or not he is not afraid to ask. He loves to joke around and have a laugh while interviewing everyone.

3. Game segments

Tattoo roulette was my absolute favorite game segment played with One Direction. Absolutely nerve racking and hilarious to watch. James is gutsy and willing to put on a great show. Niall Horan was super nervous about it possibly being him but so was James! They both have no tattoos, so if I was in there shoes I would be just as nervous. James is original and always seems to come up with the craziest ideas for game segments. We definitely can not forget about 'Spill your guts or fill your guts' game segment. Either spill the truth or eat something super gross. Its a great laugh! James never disappoints.

4. Riff-Off (Anna Kendrick and James' Relationship, though)

Music, in general, makes me happy but watching James have a sing-off with celebrities makes my world much better. Every time Anna Kendrick is a guest on The Late Late Show, it is definitely one to watch. They both starred in "Into The Woods" which was a musical and they never fail to sing together when they get a chance. Shawn Mendes, Hailee Steinfeld, Broadway with Neil Patrick Harris and many more have all starred on James' singing competitions. It gets competitive fast but if you know James then you would understand why.

5. Musical Guests

James has always had the most recent and upcoming music and artists on his show! Every night is someone new and exciting. Chart toppers and amazing celebrities are all you could ask for. Niall Horan, Nathan Sykes, Adele, Sia, One Direction and many more have all performed on The Late Late Show. James Corden knows whats in and whats out!

I could go on and list so many more reason why James Corden has the best late night show but I believe these five reasons are right on top. I would just like to personally thank James himself for being such an inspiration and making me laugh every day. Now you know why James is one talented guy and if you have not watched The Late Late Show, it is definitely clear you are missing out! So was are you waiting for, go check it out.

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The 7 Best Pieces of Drag Race Lingo Ru-vealed

Werk it, queen!

Season Three of "RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars" just wrapped last week, but season 10 of Drag Race is scheduled to premiere on March 22nd. You might’ve turned on your TV and thought, “what the heck are they talking about?”. Some of the lingo is confusing and unclear, so here’s a guide to just some of the key catchphrases.

1. The library/Being read

The name of the mini challenge is “Reading is Fundamental, in which queens take turns reading each other. When it’s their turn, they “enter the library”, which just means putting on goofy glasses. Reading is pretty much pointing out flaws but in a funny or over the top way.

2. Shade

Throwing shade is similar to reading someone, but I think of shade as usually more blunt, insulting and less clever.

3. Tea

Derives from the letter “T” standing for truth. Tea refers to gossip, news or information. Commonly used in the sense of “So, what’s the tea?”, which means “girl, what’s the gossip?”. It’s commonly combined with shade, as someone might say “No, tea, no shade, but…” which is a preface saying “no disrespect”. Conversely, someone might say “all tea, all shade” meaning that they know exactly how they sound and don’t care if you’re offended.

4. Fish

A queen is said to be looking fishy/serving fish when they closely resemble a woman. Some of the fishiest queens include Tatianna, Courtney Act, and Farrah Moan.

5. Back Rolls

An insult used in season 5 when Jade Jolie told Alyssa Edwards: “Girl, you had rolls all over the place in the back, it was disgusting!” To which Alyssa responded

6. Snatch Game

A parody of the 1960’s celebrity game show “The Match Game”. On the original show, contestants write in answers to questions, hoping to match the guest judge. Snatch Game operates in the same way, but the contestants have to impersonate a celebrity. This is a challenge that has taken place every season since the second one, and it’s probably the most highly anticipated. This is one of the challenges that really establishes the top queens, as they’re judged based off of likeness and humor. Celebrities that have been impersonated range from Dame Maggie Smith to Britney Spears, Judge Judy, Anna Nicole Smith, and even RuPaul.

7. Comedy vs. Pageant Queens

This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Some queens are more specialized in makeup, costumes, and overall pageantry. Others are more campy and over the top. Comedy queens are usually stronger in acting or comedy challenges, but pageant queens have the upper hand in design focused challenges.

So there ya have it, a short list of Drag Race terminology. I RuPaulogize if you got a little lost somewhere, but if you managed to make it through this article….


Cover Image Credit: Daniel Dudek-Corrigan

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If The 12 Zodiac Signs Were Portrayed By 6-Second Vines

"It is Wednesday, my dudes." - Leo

So here's my third Vine article, and I wanted to do another one because it gives me an excuse to watch Vine compilations all day! So here it is, zodiac signs as Vines. I hope it makes you laugh as much as I did!

1. Aries

Aries are known for standing up for what they believe in, just like this woman!

2. Taurus

Tauruses are big on security and getting their job done, just like these cops are doing with a little bit more fun!

3. Gemini

Geminis are very fun-loving and all about communication!

4. Cancer

Cancers are very in touch with their feelings. If only they could have helped this pigeon :(

5. Leo

Leos are all about self-expression, and that's all I have to say about this one.

6. Virgo

One of Virgos' traits is attention to detail! This guy seems to have that.

7. Libra

Libras are incredibly charming and romantic. This one screams romance!

8. Scorpio

Scorpios are very intuitive.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius signs are very big-hearted and know what people need, like maybe some milk.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are known for their patience in dealing with things.

11. Aquarius

Aquariuses are very friendly, and they want to make other people smile!

12. Pisces

Pisces can be very sensitive, so do not disrespect them!

I hope you enjoyed and have a fantastic week!

Song of the Week: "Never Be the Same" - Camila Cabello

Cover Image Credit: Jimmy Here / YouTube

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