5 Reasons Why Every Girl At UA Should Join The Acabellas

"Get on Board" day rolled around on the Alabama campus and although it came a monsoon, I was fortunate enough to find the Acabellas and here is how they've made my first semester of college easier.

1. Make new friends

College is super hard when you're not really a talkative,"hey! Speak to me" kind of person. The Acabellas not only introduced me to a people within the group, but I also met a lot of people at the initial auditions!

2. Explore your passions

Singing and music have always been a passion of mine and I was afraid that I couldn't be as heavily involved in both when I started college.

3. Singing is scientifically proven to lower stress levels.

As if that isn't saying enough within itself...

4. Getting to marvel at the talent of others

Seriously. Some beatbox, others have otherworldly ranges (looking at you alto II), and the rest just have angelic voices in general.

5. Learning to listen

When you're in a group, it should be a GROUP effort. Not usually hearing a certain voice over all the others. To avoid that, you learn to listen to others and yourself to see how the voices blend and sound together.

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