When an engagement ring is mentioned, we automatically think wedding. It's seen as a symbol of love and commitment, and then ultimately, a wedding. But, do we ever stop to think what happened before that ginormous rock graced so-and-so's finger and wed her to Mr. Right? What else does an engagement ring suggest, besides several unnecessary Facebook and Instagram posts?

1. Confusion.

In the eyes of the lucky guy that is cautiously staring at the jewelry displays, it is a ring of confusion. As he's scanning through the multiple choices that all shine at his face, he's also panicking about whether or not the ring he chooses will be THE RING.

He's certain she is the “one” he wants to spend the rest of his life with and he wants to let her know his intentions, but he obviously has to pick out the right ring. This ring will send his relationship to the next level as her loving fiancé, so it must be perfect.

2. An Ornament.

So she said "yes" and accepted the ring. Now she has to let the whole world know (well the ones she can tell) that she is engaged. She flashes the ring on her finger every chance she gets, whether it’s holding her hand up with her palm facing her chest or brushing her hair out of her eyes, or scratching her cheeks; her ring finger is now glittering more than ever and she's not even the slightest bit afraid to show that she is very proud of the sparkle.

3. Commitment.

It's official and they are engaged. The bride-to-be has to start keeping an eye on what she eats. She needs to make sure she can fit into the dress she wants. And the ring is there to remind her to stay committed to her diet.

4. Hands off “I’m taken.”

And what better way to say "no" to the guy smiling her way thinking he has a chance and trying to make advances at her. She could simply flash her sparkly finger and enough is said.

5. Last but not least, the ring of hope.

Flashing her bling around could stop the ambitious guy from hitting on her, or the engagement ring can be a ring of hope for him. She is not married yet, so in his mind, he still has a chance to make her see that she has made the wrong step, and prove to her that it's not too late to step out and see that he could make her happier.