5 'Paper Magazine' Covers That All Creatives Should Appreciate

5 'Paper Magazine' Covers That All Creatives Should Appreciate

'Paper Magazine' is one to push the creative boundaries like no other.


"Paper Magazine" has always been at the forefront of producing some iconic magazine covers that continuously push the creative boundaries. It is hard to narrow down the best of the best because they each over a different creative style that can't be compared to one another, but below I have a list of Paper Magazine covers that all eyes should see.

1. Fergie

Fergie will forever dominate any magazine cover because of her powerful presence. The cover is subtle but not all at the same time. Fergie pulls off the confetti shreds like no one I have ever seen before.

2. Nicole Richie

Nicole has always had a place in the fashion industry and will continue to do so. The cover of her is a simple yet powerful one with her eyes commanding the cover. Seriously, I got lost in them while looking at this cover and don't even get me started on my love for her hair.

3. Miley Cyrus

Miley is one to always push the limits with whatever she does, and covering "Paper Magazine" was a perfect fit for her. The cover of her is one that definitely stands out more than others with all that is going on. From the lack of clothing, to her smile, to the pig; it all fits for a perfect cover. Miley is one that I would love to see grace the cover again.

4. Rita Ora

The almost unrecognizable Rita Ora graces the cover with such flawlessness. Rita is one to dive into anything and be a boss in doing so. I applaud the style of this cover because of how extreme it is from her normal look, yet she pulls it off like no other.

5. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is no stranger to the photo shoots with her being in the fashion industry. The cover below is one of my favorite looks of her because of her styling, makeup, expression, and overall look. The wild lip look combined with the outspoken expression make for a cover to remember.

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