If you are a (way) older sibling or have ever been in the presence of children, you know that there are some terribly annoying children's shows out there. Teletubbies, Dora the Explorer, that terrible British show about the little girl and her talking cat that does math, or, god forbid, Caillou, are just a few I've been forced to watch while babysitting. If you are forced to watch these shows on a regular basis, I am very, very sorry.

But there's a light at the end of this children's TV shows tunnel, in the form of actual, watchable television series made for kids. If you are forced into watching these types of shows, always push to watch the following less-terrible ones:

Bubble Guppies

This show is absolutely precious. From the characters' cute little-kid voices to the super catchy songs, there is nothing bad I can say about this show. If you watch carefully enough, you can get invested.

I've honestly cried watching Bubble Guppies. Judge me.

Doc McStuffins

This is not one of the (many) kid's shows that I've watched extensively, but it's cute pretty much every time I catch an episode. The main character's voice is precious, and I love that both Doc and her mother are represented as doctors. You show those little girls what they're capable of, Disney.


Not only is Spongebob extremely nostalgia-evoking for me and a lot of other people my age, but it makes my baby brother crack up. That in itself is good enough for me.

If you're lucky enough to catch an older episode, you're golden. The newer episodes, however, are not nearly as good... Still better than watching Caillou, though.

We Bare Bears

This show follows three brother bears in their child and adult lives. The episodes are short (perfect for a pre-bedtime TV treat), but interesting to say the least. The stories are cute and easy to follow for kids, but they go a little deeper if you pay attention. Overall, this show is super sweet and fun and I totally recommend it.

The Loud House

Loud House is one of my favorite shows to watch with my little brother. It tells about the everyday lives of one boy, Lincoln, and his ten sisters (hashtag relatable-- I am the only girl out of seven in my family). The show is super good at portraying diversity and different types of relationships. Lincoln's best friend even has gay dads-- something I was surprised to see, but happy about nonetheless.

This show is definitely my top kid's show to watch. Hell, I would watch this show on my own if there was nothing else on and I hadn't already seen every episode upwards of five times each.

There are some really bad kid's shows out there. In order to spare yourself from watching the worst ones, you might have to do a little research of your own. These are just a couple shows that, in my experience, were not nearly as bad.