5 Must Haves When You're Sick

Being sick has to be one of the most annoying and frustrating situations that everyone goes through. You have to miss work, school or cancel plans. You have to be stuck in your bed in quarantine until you're no longer a living plague. You may also feel like it's the end of the world for you since you can't move properly or think clearly. This past weekend I've experienced a sinus infection that has unfortunately ruined my weekend plans. I've come to the conclusion that the universe is working against me since I was looking forward my original weekend plans. However, I overcame my weekend battle with these helpful tips that helped speed up my recovery.

1. Sleep

Yep, you guessed it! Sleep is the number one thing to do in order to recover. Rest as much as possible with no disturbance. Don't pretend or ignore the fact that you're tired. Sleep helps your immune system to work and heal your body.

2. Hydrate.

Drink lots of H20 and warm herbal teas! Hydration is key to recovery on comfort. Keeping your body well hydrated helps to reduce mucus from your shoat and nose. It prevents from other infections and your throat and nose will feel better. Avoid sugary and carbohydrate drinks, which will do the opposite.

3.Binge watch shows on Netflix.

You will be in bed all day, and you will be extremely bored. To kill some time before falling asleep, re-watch your fav shows or start a new series on Netflix. Netflix has a variety of shows which can satisfy anyone's taste. Bless Netflix!

4. Eat "Sick" food.

You may not feel like eating anything while being sick, but it is highly important to eat something small at least. Your body needs water and food combine in order to heal faster. Now I'm not saying to eat a 5-course meal, but eat at least food that will keep you full and would help with your sore throat and nose, such as a classic chicken noodle soup! Also, food works well combined when you're about to take your medicine.

5. Support buddy AKA your nurse.

Whether its your mother, best friend or boyfriend, it's always great to have a good nurse around your house to help you get more water, tissues, give you your meds or some comfort. Feeling loved and cared for while being ill makes your recovery a bit nicer.

If you're still sick over seven days...you might want to visit your doctor...ASAP!

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