5 Movies To Embrace Your Inner Feminist

Throughout the past month, endless debates about what women should fight for have taken over our news, social media, and even in face to face conversations. Whether you are pro-life, pro-choice, conservative, liberal, or just don’t give a shit, we can all agree on one thing… WOMEN ROCK. Yes, I said it and I wholeheartedly believe it.

From nuns to singers to stay-at-home moms, each woman has her own story and has put her own footprint on the world. No matter how upset we get over viewpoints and politics, there will always be a good time for a movie. In light of recent events, I decided to compile a list of Movies that every woman should watch to embrace her inner feminist!

1. "Mona Lisa Smile"

I am starting this list off with a controversial story, but an intriguing one nonetheless. The story follows Katherine Watts( Julia Roberts), an art history professor who takes a job at Wesleyan college, an all women’s school. In her first class, she immediately realizes her students have received an education where they are taught not to think outside the box. Throughout the movie, Katherine begins to inspire the young women in many ways. Not only is Katherine’s life followed but also a group of girls affected by her words. Supporting actresses include Ginnifer Goodwin and Kirstin Dunst. You’ll like this movie if you like: Dead Poets Society( it’s a very similar plot)

2. "Girl Rising"

I cannot express enough how much I loved this movie. Unlike any of the other movies on this list, "Girl Rising" is a documentary that follows the lives of several young girls around the world as they face issues of surrounding education. This movie will move you and will honestly make you feel so good inside. Each story has so much heart and beauty.

My favorite story: I love Wadley’s story. I find her story sweet and probably the most memorable.

3. Moana

Yes I know I could’ve picked Frozen or even Brave for this list but for my Disney movie, I just had to choose. Set on the Polynesian Islands, the movie follows Moana, a young girl who decides she wants to save her island by sailing to find the Demigod Maui. Moana faces many challenges on her adventure including some sexism however she never gives up and that is one of the great parts of this movie. By the end of the movie, you will walk out singing and of course feeling ready to take on the world.

Character that steals the show: Hiehie the chicken. (He is very funny)

4. In the Time of the Butterflies

What to watch: The relationships between characters, especially Trujelio.

5. Hidden Figures

The most recent movie on this list, Hidden Figures celebrates not only feminism but also race in a poignant way. The movie follows three women scientists as they face challenges that none of their other co-workers might. It takes place during NASA’s first rocket launch to take a man into space. The women in the movie go above the call of duty to be seen and heard. This movie will give you so much hope and will give great rolemodels for any girl who wants to be a scientist. Warning: It may be a tear jerker at the end.

Character you will love to hate: Jim Parson’s character. Some of the lines that come out of his mouth honestly are so awful. Luckily, he has some rediming moments.

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