Usually you watch movies with the intention of relaxing and giving your mind an escape from the real world for a little bit, but once in a while, you come across a movie that really makes you pay attention, or even changes your outlook on life. Here are five movies that I have seen that made me think differently. I’m not going to spoil the plots if you haven’t seen them yet, but I recommend watching a few of these if you’re in for a thought-provoking or inspirational flick.


This is one that everyone talks about being so confusing, but it really does have an interesting storyline to it – a man has the ability to enter into people’s dreams.

Life of Pi

This movie makes you think because it is about having faith, even in the toughest situations. It’s about a boy who is the lone human survivor of a sunken ship – along with a giant tiger.

The Martian

This movie is thought-provoking because it makes you wonder what life would be like on another planet. An added bonus – Matt Damon is the Martian.

Patriot’s Day

This one really hits home because it’s based off of the true events of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Seeing how the two young men planned it all out is shocking.

Over the Hedge

Yes, I’m serious. Give this cute animated movie a chance. It’s a classic, in my opinion, and it makes you think about the impact that humans have on animals and their natural habitats.