5 Major Signs It's Time To Breakup With Your Friend

We have all had toxic friendships and probably a few friend-breakups at this point. While it is bittersweet, it’s an important part of life and growing up. I had a hard time seeing the warning signs for a long time with many friendships, so, here I am, listing them all out for you. Here are signs that you should tell that girl/boy "bye".

1. They never put in any effort.

If you feel like you are constantly putting energy into your friendship with little to no energy from her, it might be time to stop. You always make an effort to talk and make plans, always compromise or coordinate around her life, but when the time comes that you need the same thing from her, she either throws a tantrum or isn’t anywhere to be found. Yeah, you can’t be the only one watering your friendship garden- it’s probably time for you to water your own.

2. They get jealous.

Okay, none of us are perfect and as imperfect humans, we get jealous. That is expected, but if every time something goes right in your life (a new significant other, an amazing exam grade, maybe even likes on your latest Instagram photo) or if every time you have plans with other friends (or even family- yes, this has happened to me) that is just unhealthy. Friends are supposed to be your biggest cheerleaders. If she isn’t the first one to congratulate you and brag about your latest achievements like your Grandma does on Facebook, then she isn’t on your side. I’ll even hand you the scissors myself to cut this one off.

3. They steal your food.

Okay, okay I know this one could be argued because best friends share everything, BUT, if they steal your last slice of pizza without asking, there might be hell to pay. This applies to them stealing your $65 highlight, favorite jeans, your boyfriend… really, if they’re stealing the things most important to you constantly, they can’t be trusted. Trust is the foundation of all healthy relationships… this one is about to crumble

4. They make you feel like s***.

Whether it’s through passive aggressiveness, back-handed compliments, or really just their presence in general, if they’re constantly making you feel bad, you need to walk away. Friends are supposed to lift you up and make your life a little brighter, not be a constant gray cloud hovering over you. Ain't nobody got time for that.

5. They're a bad friend to others.

If she is constantly backstabbing and trash-talking her other friends, there is a 99.9% chance she is doing the same thing to you. How someone treats others is a reflection of their character. If you find yourself constantly comparing her to Regina George in your head, you really need to break-up before you find yourself being blamed for the entire burn book and forced to compete in a math competition instead of the spring fling dance an- okay, we all know the plot of mean girls. You get it. Don’t be Cady.

If you read this and realized one or several of these things apply to your current friendship, it might be time to re-evaluate it and focus on the true friends you do have.

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