We all have that friend who you continually ask to get together, but she always ends up rescheduling. I promise you, she wants to, she's just swamped. Here are 5 lines which mean, I'm busy right now, but I want to.

1. Shoot me a text so I can check my calendar.

No, they aren't blowing you off by not setting a date that second, they really want to see you but they don't want to double book themselves or end up giving you a date they can't and have to cancel.

2. I can't do dinner, but I can do breakfast.

This person is so busy they probably don't have a set dinner time because they know they'll be working late. Breakfast is quick and easy, and at the beginning of their day, so they can see you before they dive into their tasks for the day.

3. I can't this week, what about next?

They're not filibustering you until you eventually just give up, they really just can't this week. They want to see you, they just need to plan ahead.

4. Hit me up in (Insert month here), this month I really can't commit to anything else.

This is honest. They don't want to squish you into their schedule and half-ass your get together, they're trying to offer you a time that both of you can relax, and they're probably so swamped they know their schedule in advance to know next month is a better fit.

5. I miss you, I'm sorry.

Give the kid a break. They're trying. They miss you. Believe someone when they say sorry, they already feel bad enough treating them with resentment is going to make them feel even worse than they already do.

If someone keeps blowing you off last minute, yeah they're a flake. But if your friend is trying to reschedule or schedule to hang out with you, they really are trying.

What seems like this:

Is probably really:

Sometimes a little text is all someone needs to keep a friendship alive. Filter out the fakes and the flakes with this simple test:

There is never an excuse for not taking a moment to catch up. A moment is always doable; an hour sometimes isn't.