5 Key Songs For The Perfect Homework Playlist
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5 Key Songs For The Perfect Homework Playlist

The songs that will help you accomplish the most work.

5 Key Songs For The Perfect Homework Playlist

Music is something that has proven to be a great motivational source for me on many different occasions, including working out, getting hype before a big game, and knocking out the homework I have been procrastinating for the last week.

For the best results, you have to listen to the right music at the right time, and I’m here to tell you five key songs that help me get homework done in that crunch time.

1. "Year 3000" - The Jonas Brothers

This song is on my playlist for obvious reasons. It’s by the Jonas Brothers, so it’s bound to get me focused and motivated to knock out some work when I would much rather be sleeping or binging Netflix. Year 3000, specifically, is a major bop that can’t go unmentioned in any playlist. This is such a classic song, that it really gets the creative juices flowing and ready to roll.

2. "What Hurts the Most" - Rascal Flatts

Now, this may seem like a weird one to some people, but I promise you some slow, Rascal Flatts songs have gotten me through some of my most stressful homework nights.

I guess the soothing tones help calm me and clear my mind of the unnecessary thoughts. I have busted out plenty of papers the night before they are due listening to this song, so I can confirm it works.

3. "All the Small Things" - Blink-182

This is one my favorite throwback songs that really gets me pumped to bust out some homework, or pumped to do anything for that matter. It’s such an upbeat, fast-paced song that makes for a good study break jam session.

On many occasions, I have had to stop doing work for a minute to help refocus, and I believe that time is best spent with a mini jam session. If I spend this time not getting on my phone or not watching TV, then I am more likely to actually get back to work. Study breaks are definitely important, you just have to find the most efficient way to spend them.

4. "Scream" - Zac Efron (HSM 3)

I relate to this song a lot more than I would like to admit. I am a very easily stressed out person, it really doesn’t take much for me. I have always been a HUGE fan of High School Musical, and I mean huge, so I make it a point to listen to the soundtrack on as many occasions as possible.

It just so happens that I see this one of the best songs to grind out some work too, because if the great Troy Bolton can work through his stress so can the rest of us.

5. "I Fall Apart" - Post Malone

This one is also a slow song that may not seem like you can really get some work done, but I promise you can. I have listened to this song on repeat, several times, while getting some serious work done.

Slower songs also help me when I have readings to do because I can’t stand sitting in silence, but I also get too distracted while reading to more upbeat songs. This song is a perfect medium for me, it’s not too upbeat where it distracts me. This GIF is also an accurate representation of me when I finally finish all of my work that I procrastinated on.

I hope you guys test out these songs on your upcoming homework playlist and grind out some serious work, especially with finals quickly approaching. I also do not recommend procrastinating like me, but it happens, so hopefully, these songs help you work through that time. Jam out and study hard, my friends.

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