5 Great Things About Working In Custodial At Walt Disney World

5 Great Things About Working In Custodial At Walt Disney World

It’s time to dispel some misconceptions about my job!

Recently I returned to Walt Disney World for a second Disney College Program, this time working in Custodial at Hollywood Studios. I have been on the job for just under a month now, I am learning a lot, and overall am having a great time. However, over the past week or so multiple people have said things to me like, “Why are you in such a good mood?” “You are having too much fun” and “You should tell the kids to be sure to get a good education so they will not end up in that job". This annoys me, because I have plenty of reasons to be in a good mood, have fun, and in general like my job and encourage others to try it out! Here are five of those reasons.

1. Incredible Work Location

Do I really need to clarify this? I work at Disney World. Lots of people have to work long hours to make a living. Not everyone gets to spend those long hours somewhere with constant fun background music, little kids in princess and pirate outfits running around, and Star Wars Stormtroopers parading through the streets. There is always something to make me smile here!

2. Clear, Immediate Results

When I graduated college, what I really wanted was to experience life outside of the classroom for a while, to have a job that let me feel like I was working towards something real and bigger than myself instead of just trying to jump through a specific teacher’s hoops. In Custodial, the impact you have on the world around you could not be clearer. When you are not there, trash piles up super quickly in a theme park. When you are there, getting rid of the spilled popcorn and discarded toilet paper, the resulting clean space is immediately obvious to you, making the work incredibly satisfying. It helps that the park Guests will often thank you for cleaning up!

3. Freedom To Wander

I loved the Attractions job I had in my last Disney College Program, but one thing about it frustrated me. If a Guest came up to me and asked for help finding a different attraction, I could not take them there. I had to stay in my assigned location in the Festival of the Lion King theatre. A Custodial Cast Member, however, has a lot more freedom to move around the park and help Guests out. I am a kind of unofficial tour guide! This freedom also allows me to get a better view of some of the events and performances around the park.

4. A Great Workout

I will not lie to you: the work is at times difficult. A Custodial Cast Member is on their feet all day, in sun and rain, lifting bags of trash, cleaning bathrooms, walking back and forth along the street, etc. But wow, am I going to be in great shape by the end of my program! I can already tell that my legs are stronger than they were in May.

5. The People

Like I said before, I am learning a lot in this job, and that means asking a lot of questions. Everyone around me, though, coworkers and management alike, is as supportive and encouraging as can be! I love working and chatting with them as much as I enjoy interacting with the Guests. Every day I meet people from all walks of life all over the world, brought together by their love of Disney. I sing “Happy Birthday” to hundreds of children and bring smiles to thousands of faces with a smile and wave of my own. What’s not to love about that?

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So, for the last four years I’ve seen you almost everyday. I’ve learned about your annoying little brother, your dogs and your crazy weekend stories. I’ve seen you rock the awful freshman year fashion, date, attend homecoming, study for AP tests, and get accepted into college.

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My First College Gal Pal Road Trip Was Amazing

Every girl should have one good girls trip.


In some way or another, everybody has a list of things they want to do in their lives before it's all over. After all, we're human. There's adventure to be had in every life. One thing I have always wanted to do before I grew too old and grey was go on a road trip with my gal pals to the beach. A couple weeks ago, I achieved this memorable milestone, and it allowed me to open up to new surroundings and experiences.

On this trip, I went with two of my friends from college, Kait and Lindsey, to visit my roommate Elizabeth in Virginia Beach. This was pretty big for Lindsey and I because neither of us had been to Virginia Beach before. Thankfully Elizabeth and Kait knew their way around the city, so we never got lost on our way to and fro.

Like most vacations, my favorite parts probably took place at the beach. I'm always at utter peace stomping through mushy sand or leaning down to splash the salty water that tries to knock my short self over. We took pictures and did something us college girls rarely have time to do especially in school: Relax.

The four of us did not live up to the crazed stereotype of girl trips in movies. Although I finally got a chance to sing along to Taylor Swift in a car ride with my friends, so that's always a plus. We played "Top Golf" one day, and by some miracle, I actually won the second game by a fair amount after much humiliation in the first one. We visited some of Elizabeth's family, and I finally got to meet her giant dog Apollo (I call him 'Wolf Dog'). Everyday was another chance to ask with enthusiasm: "So what are we doing today?"

Our trip wasn't like the movies where we all cried or confessed our deepest darkest secrets. Everything the four of us shared was laughter and this calm feeling of being at home, in the chaotic peace of each other's company. We understand each other a little better due to finally seeing what we're like outside of Longwood University. After this, all I can say is that we're most definitely planning the next one!

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