5 Goals I Have Going Into The New Year
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5 Goals I Have Going Into The New Year

New year, new me?

5 Goals I Have Going Into The New Year

2016 was a weird year to say the least. It was full of extremely high highs along with extremely low lows. This past year has taught me a lot about myself, but it has also shown me that somewhere within the past year I have lost myself. I no longer know who I am. Not knowing who you are can sometimes be very problematic when it comes time to make big decisions; how are you supposed to know what to do when you don't even know what you want in life? It becomes extremely difficult. With the new year coming, I have created a list of goals that I hope to complete in 2017. Hopefully these goals help me find the girl that is lost somewhere inside of me.

1. Read more

I used to love to read books. I could lay in bed or on the couch all weekend and just absolutely devour a good book. I could connect with the characters as if they were real human beings, picture the setting in my head, and retell the story over and over to people who I thought should read the book too. Today it is not so much the same. Instead of reading I am just watching more TV. In 2017 I hope to reengage my mind into more productive activities and find the girl inside me who used to love to read whether it be poems, articles, or books.

2. Stop procrastinating

Although I did this a bit when I was younger, procrastination has become a second skill of mine for some unknown reason in college. I wait until last minute to study for tests, complete homework and submit projects. It creates unknown stress if I would have just prepared for the assignment earlier and not waited. I hope with this upcoming year I use my time wiser and stop completing tasks last minute.

3. Make more friends

I have a close knit group of friends currently at school and there is nothing wrong with that. However, I am trying to broaden my horizons and I feel like there is no better way to do that than making more friends.

4. Stop going out so much

I will be the first to admit I go out too much. This upcoming year I hope to have more movie nights, study nights and just relaxing nights in. Plus, food is probably a better way to ingest calories than alcohol anyway, am I right?

5. Become comfortable with being alone

Currently I hate being alone. It does not matter if it is just going to the library, grabbing a bite to eat, or working out, I hate doing it alone. In 2017, I hope to find some comfort in alone time. I hope I can use this time to better myself, to have time to think to myself, and relax by myself. It is important to be comfortable alone and that's why I feel like this may be the more important goal I have going into the New Year.

So here's to 2017, a new year, new me?

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