Bible journaling is one of the best things I have ever stumbled upon. It started from a simple picture on Pinterest to a hobby that I will never want to give up. While Bible journaling is not for everyone (and it’s okay if it isn’t for you), it is still fun and nice to look at. There are many different ways to journal in your Bible that will leave you happy and feeling creative.

1. Stickers.

While it may sound silly and almost kid-like, using stickers in your Bible is fun and, believe it or not, creative. There is a wide variety of stickers you could use when making your journal entry, such as letters, puffy, animal, and so on. It’s also nice to find ones that correspond with the chapter you had just read or a verse that sticks out to you. My favorite sticker set is from Create 365’s But First God.

2. Watercolor Paint.

Some people are opposed to using paint in their Bibles, as it will cover the words, keeping you from using the Bible later on. However, watercolor paints are not like acrylic, leaving it easy to read the passage after making your entry. There is so much you could do with watercolors, ranging from painting the side you want to put your notes on, paint the whole page, or paint a simple but mesmerizing design. Channel your inner artist and go crazy. (It’s a good idea to have paper towels nearby to dab the page after applying the paint. It will absorb the extra water, leaving less risk of bleed through.)

3. Stamps.

Stamping can be a bit tricky with Bible journaling. With many inks, they bleed through the page, making it look a little out of place. But despite that, stamping is fun, as you can mix and match many designs and colors, truly making it your own. (I’ve found the best inks to be from Illustrated Faith, a Bible journaling company. They also have amazing kits to use through your Bible journaling process.)

4. Transparency Paper.

If you’re one of those people who doesn't want to make a design right on the paper, have no fear. There is transparency paper you can use that look amazing in your Bible. Whatever design you choose, it will still be easy to read the words on the page without conflict. And if you choose an extravagant design that keeps you from doing so, you can easily lift up the paper as if it were another page in your Bible. (I recommend using sharpies when drawing on the paper. It makes for better designs and dries immediately, leaving no smudging and won’t come off on the other page.)

5. Writing.

As fun and exciting as all the other options sounded, writing might be the better option for you, and that is completely fine. There is so much power in using words in your Bible and making notes to passages or verses you relate to. Plus, there is no right or wrong answer.

As mentioned before, Bible journaling has become a huge part of my life. It has helped me with my faith I a more creative and hands-on way. Plus, it’s personal and something I can truly relate to. Not everyone has to understand your entry, only you do. But no matter what you decide to do, remember that it isn’t just for you, but also for God. Bible journaling has helped me connect with God in amazing ways.