5 Things To Expect When Moving In With Your Boyfriend
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5 Things To Expect When Moving In With Your Boyfriend

The first things you notice when you move in with your boyfriend

5 Things To Expect When Moving In With Your Boyfriend

When you decide to start a relationship with someone, the name of the game is to be with them for the long run. Eventually, when both of you are ready, you’ll take the next step and live together. This is an important step that opens your eyes in many different ways. You start to pick up on the little things and you’ll have to accept them for the greater good. There are 5 things you will notice right off the bat and others are soon to come.

There is never enough space

You don’t realize how much stuff you actually have until you move in with your boyfriend. He pushes his shirts to one side of the closet and says “I made some room for your clothes!” One of the many cute gestures to come, except you know for a fact that the space is not enough. He has 3 pairs of shoes, you have 10, he has shampoo, conditioner and body wash, you have shaving cream and a razor with replacement blades, along with a loofa etc. You start to take over his space with your stuff and begin to feel guilty, but you shouldn’t. Men have to realize that you have your things and they have theirs and you guys have to work together to realize what’s most important to have out in the space provided and what can be tucked away,

He has his own way of doing things

Especially if he’s been living on his own. Eventually everyone falls into a routine, and that routine shouldn’t be disrespected, but instead, understood. Maybe he has a certain order he likes his silverware in, or likes his things in certain spots, you have to accept that whether you like it or not. However, if there is an issue with something speak up, you’re allowed to have a voice in the relationship. It’s about compromising and understanding each others wants and needs.

The “honey moon” stage is over.

From here on out, it isn’t going to be 5 page text messages about how much he loves you, or candle lit dinners at his place. You guys begin to get comfortable with each other, as if you weren’t already. Girls will begin skipping a day or two (or three) of shaving, and you’ll have your hair up more than down and you’ll wear sweats to bed instead of risqué underwear. Dates will become minimal, but are replaced with evenings of laying on the couch binge watching TV shows, or sometimes even working together to finish a task. The “I love you’s” won’t go away, but are sometimes substituted with “be careful” or “thank you.”

Alone time is a necessity

You live together, this means everything you do is (pretty much) together. Therefore you do not have to be with the all of the time. You’ll spend some time together after work eating dinner, or just having a quick chat, but there are going to be times where he wants his space, and you’ll want it too. Find yourself a hobby, TV show, or book to read. It is natural to want your space, it doesn’t mean things are ending, look at it more as being apart even when you’re together. You two are not always going to be a pair with everything, so getting comfortable in your own space and remember that at the end of the day, he will be laying in bed next to you.

You get to share everything

That’s the beauty of it. First it was “his house” or apartment, and “may I use YOUR bathroom?” This all changes the moment you move in, what’s his is yours and what’s yours is his. This means try out his fancy shampoo and wear his big T-shirts. You can do these things now, with consideration. This does not give you the OK to use his toothbrush or invade his privacy. There are limits to almost everything and there is always a line that shouldnt be cross. Your significant others private things are to be respected. If they wanted you to get to it, they’d leave it out. Snooping of any kind is invasion and a symbol of distrust in your partner. Respect and trust keeps relationships strong, without either of those, there is no reason for a relationship. Communicate with your partner and your journey should go smoothly. Expect some bumps in the road along the way, these will be handled one way or another. Simply respect your partner’s point of view and compromise when possible and your move should go smoothly.

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