I've learned coming from a broke college student that there is actually a few ways to make money here and there. You just have to "beat around the bush" a little and find little tricks to do so. So I'm giving you my top 5 ways I've made money in the past two weeks so hopefully this kind of inspires you if you're always calling mom and dad for money.

Donate your Plasma

Donating plasma can be kind of scary at first, and kind of intimidating as needles aren't everyone's favorite thing and they check back through all your medical records. I found that BioLife has really great deals sometimes where you can refer your friends and make up to $50 per person for just referring them and that's not even including the $350 you could make in a month for just donating your plasma.

Selling your Old Text Books

I recently just learned this was a thing. You can get quite a bit of money for one textbook as we know they are expensive. I use to return mine to the University bookstore but now I go on Chegg.com or valore.com they give you a quote for your textbook and sometimes one site will give you more than the other but you make way more money by just sending it to one of those companies than having the university buy them back. I made $160 by just selling the ones that were sitting on my bookshelf for 2 years.

Selling your clothes

This is a selling point where a lot of things can come into place and I've had godlike with all these Apps and social media sites. Facebook is probably the most consistent and most money making site. I post the things I want to sell with prices and sizes on each picture then I post it on my local swap. Facebook also this new marketplace where you can post the things you just posted on your local swap to there and it sets your location so it will only be seen around your area but that way you have more of an audience looking at your stuff you want to sell. I've also posted things on eBay and postmark those are two really great sources to use but someone has to literally search what you have to sell where Facebook it could pop up on anyone's feed and people are going to be interested right away. I've also used my Instagram to sell stuff and a lot of my friends have bought it from me on there. This is the fastest way I've learned to make money.

DIY stuff to sell

Now I found this interesting because this idea came in handy when we painted old wine bottles Christmas colors and made them into decor and sold them on a local swap for $10 each. I've had a few friends who will go to theft stores even and repaint furniture or refurbish it and they make bank so this is just idea if you want to get real creative.

Starting your own blog

I'm in the process of starting my own fashion blog, but I've learned that companies will literally give you freebies, discounts, and pay you if you are successful with blogging their stuff. This is something you definitely have to have a little time and planning for but its a really good way to put yourself out there and start resourcing.