5 Easy Crafts For When You're Bored Babysitting
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5 Easy Crafts For When You're Bored Babysitting

All you need are paper plates... Seriously.

5 Easy Crafts For When You're Bored Babysitting

Bored babysitting? Kids bouncing off the wall? If you're like me, right now you're scrolling through Pinterest in vain struggling to find a craft or activity that isn't only simple (if you don't exactly have a closet full of art supplies), but fun for all ages of children, boys or girls. So here's ten of my favorite super easy crafts to spice up your boring, or crazy babysitting job.

Here's what you need:

- paper plates

-crayons or any kind of coloring utensils


-glue or tape

...yeah, seriously.

1. Masks!

Major time killer here folks, and a lot of fun too! The kids will love being creative as possible, making their favorite super heroes or animals, and then enjoy putting on a show wearing the different masks. Use whatever coloring utensils you have, and paper plates (or even just plain paper) to look like any super hero, animal, or cartoon character. Add a straw, popsicle stick, or just hold it to transform into anything the kids imagine. Carefully cut out the eyes, and violá you have a beautiful paper mask!

2. Frisbees

Simply decorate two paper plates with whatever supplies you have, cut out the center, and tape together! Super easy, and super fun to play with! This even gets the kids out of the house and gets their energy out... what's even better is that the Frisbees are totally safe! No bruises or bloody noses when you get hit with one of these bad boys.

3. Twirly Snakes

Have a little prankster on your hands? Teach them how to make a really fun, spiral snake from a paper plate. Just cut the paper plate in a spiral and color away! Don't forget the eyes and slithery tongue! You can get really creative with this, have the kids make a crazy design and then cut the spiral, and they'll be amazed to see what their fun art skills look like on the curly body of the snake! Don't make them too scary!

4. Prince/ Princess Crowns

What's more fun than getting to decorate and design your very own prince/ princess crown? It's super easy, all you do is fold the paper plate in half and cut triangles into the folded portion and decorate! Add jewels, glitter, and kick it up a notch with some cool, crinkle cut scissors if you have them. Have the kids dress up in their most royal attire and watch their favorite princess movie.

5. Roses For Mom!

This one's a little harder to explain in writing, but these roses are perfect for Mom when she comes home and awesome little decorations for around the house. If you have red, yellow, or pink paper plates that's awesome! If not, just color the center of the plate!

Here's an awesome step by step video from Kids Activities Blog!

Craft Away!

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