To everyone's surprise, my friends and I decided to part for college. My two closest friends both went to Missouri State University, which is two hours away from where I attend school. I never liked the idea of separating from them; but, I accepted that we each had to choose the school that best fit us. Now, over a month into our first semester, everything I feared would happen when we moved apart has happened.

1. Leaving each other is a devastating occurrence.

Every visit seems to be cut entirely too short. And as soon as they are out of your sight, you instantly miss them. They could decide to drop out of school and move in with you, for all you care.

2. Because they are not around, they have no idea what or who you're talking about when you tell them a story.

Before, you did not have to introduce a story or the people in it. They just automatically knew who you were talking about.

3. Technology is the only way to stay in touch through the school week.

You have to rely on social media, texts, calls, or FaceTiming to keep up with each other. When something exciting happens, you have to call instead of telling them in person. When something funny is going on, you have to FaceTime them to show them, instead of watching it together in person. Thank goodness we have all these ways to stay in touch, but you'd much rather have them right by your side.

4. You have to travel a long way to personally see them.

You have to plan a trip to visit with your friends that were once right by your side. The trip includes a long, time and gas consuming drive.

5. You miss them like crazy.

You miss not having your friends with you all the time, like they once were. You hate not having them to laugh and cry with. Sometimes, you even cry because you don't have them to cry with.

The moral of the story is that separating from your friends sucks. Point blank, no discussion. So, earlier when I mentioned dropping out... I wasn't kidding. Please, guys?

XO & best wishes,

Ashley Rose Corbin