5 Common Things You Learn About People When You Serve Alcohol

Working with alcohol can tend to be quite the interesting experience. From serving "liquid courage" or allowing people to loosen up, people often times are very talkative to their servers and open up in quite interesting ways -- here are five common facts I learn about people.

1. Their Political Ideologies

For whatever reason, a drink or two into their day and people always love to bring up politics. Seeing as to politics is one of the touchiest subjects to bring around, especially when most customers have opposite ideas as me, I have come to learn the best method there is around: deflecting. Once the customers vaguely say "What about Trump, eh?" I suddenly forgot the entire English language and how to speak.

2. Their frustrations with [enter family member's name here]

You really do want to have conversations with customers and build a connection, but sometimes customers just love to vent to you. Whether it be their children being brats, their significant others being pushy/controlling or their parents "ruining" their lives, I've come to learn theme parks and families are not necessarily the place for happiness. Of course, I have to remain interested at all times! Anything for the tip, right?

3. Their general horrible circumstances

As a normal cashier and multiple years working in food and retail, very few people share their life-stories. I don't know why serving alcohol makes such a difference, but I have seen a variety of customers tell me about their general horrible conditions. Whether it be a loved one passing away, them losing their job or just general struggle to balance it all, sometimes it's hard not to feel bad for the person on the other side of the counter.

4. Their EXACT feelings and opinions on the "injustices" they faced throughout the day.

Maybe it's their parking spot, maybe it's the (already-should-be-expected) high prices on food, merchandise and anything else. Sometimes it's a fellow co-worker who was so vindictive and evil to make such a simple mistake that inconvenienced them for a minute! Even better, sometimes it's me because I am "stealing" from them, or giving them too little of what they ordered. Customers often let you know exactly why their victim complex is raging at the moment, and sometimes it's hard not just to laugh. The drunker the people, the crazier it becomes.

5. Their love for sexual actions, innuendos, jokes, etc.

I understand the natural desire and instinct for sex, I do. I understand alcohol can also blur the lines between what is TOO much to share with your server, so I try to be lenient, but c'mon, drunk people! When the foam is more than allowed, do not say "There is no such thing as too much head". Do not make direct or indirect sexual comments about your significant other around me. Do not offer to flash me for alcohol. It's quite frankly weird, annoying and a tad peculiar.

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