5 Binge-Worthy, Cliff-hanger Filled TV Shows
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5 Binge-Worthy, Cliff-hanger Filled TV Shows

Who wants to waste 45 minutes on an uninteresting TV show when you could have spent that time watching one you liked with a riveting plot (and cliffhanger)?

5 Binge-Worthy, Cliff-hanger Filled TV Shows
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Picking a new TV show to start watching is a large tough commitment because you don’t want to try just any TV show.

Who wants to waste 45 minutes on an uninteresting TV show when you could have spent that time watching one you liked with a riveting plot (and cliffhanger)?

To make life a little bit easier, I’ve compromised a list of 5 TV shows that will leave you at the edge of your seat, and ruin your sleep schedule with you uttering the infamous words, “just one more episode." Thus resulting in you bingeing an entire season or half of a season in one night.

(No judgment, I’ve been there)

5. Ghost Whisperer (5 seasons only)

Did you ever want to talk to ghosts?

Melinda Gordon (starring Jennifer Love Hewitt) has the ability to do that. With her special gift, she can help these ghosts relieve them of their unaccomplished goals that are holding them from going into the ‘light,’ (‘the other side’). Each episode features a different ghost, a different story, and a different intriguing adventure to help the ghost cross over.

4. Arrow (Newest episodes part of season 5)

Your modern day ‘Robin Hood,’ with a twist.

Oliver Queen was shipwrecked on the island for 5 years. He comes back a changed man who’s goal is to ‘save his city,' from crime and corruption as "The Hood," and then as "The Arrow". In each episode, the viewer engages in Oliver Queen’s past through flashbacks, while in the present day he takes on several criminals and villains, with each episode and season progressing not only his capabilities as The Arrow, but also his villains.

3. The Flash (Newest episodes part of season 3)

Some heroes are born; some heroes are made. Some heroes are struck by lightning and then become heroes.

Barry Allen made his first appearance in one of the episodes of Arrow (and appeared in following ones as part of the “crossover” episodes), he was simply just a forensic scientist that worked with the police in helping solve crimes. His life changes drastically and rather lightning fast when he gets struck by lightning and gifted with super speed. He now no longer works just as someone who wants to solve crime, he now wants to stop it from happening ahead of time.

2. iZombie (New season to come soon)

Being a zombie and working with the police?

Olivia Moore (starring Rose McIver) was a ‘normal’ girl working as a medical assistant until she got bit by a Zombie. Apparently, it’s hard to keep up a ‘normal’ life when your craving zombie brains, almost all the time. iZombie takes you through Olivia Moore’s life as she tries to deal with her new transformation at her new job, and with her co-worker, partner, and ex-fiancé.

1. Once Upon a Time (Newest episodes part of season 6)

My wish finally came true!

For once all the classic and modern day fairy tales combined are thrown together to navigate through our world.

Emma Swan (starring Jennifer Morrison) who's life is interrupted one day when she realizes that fairy tales do exist and she happens to be related to them.

One of my favorite TV shows that I would recommend to anyone who wants an enchanting plot line and a little escape from reality and back to the childhood stories.

All these shows can be found on Netflix. With the exception of Ghost Whisperer (5 seasons), Arrow, and The Flash are currently on the CW with it's newest episodes. Once Upon a Time is on ABC with it's newest episodes.

Whether you're spending Spring Break watching Netflix or just need a new show, these TV shows will let you step away from reality, and hook you in with it's story line and "end of the episodes" cliffhangers.

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