5 Books To Binge-Read This Summer

As summer rolls around, after the stress of finals and never ending college work, there finally comes a time when you can relax. Being a writer, reading is one of the fundamental aspects. With that being said, here are five books that will definitely be binge-worthy this summer.

1. "The Air Raid Killer"

This book focuses on a town in Germany during World War 2. The main character, detective Max Heller, is called into a case where a young nurse has been murdered. Not soon after, more killings start to pop up, all from a creature called "The Fright Man." This book has a fast paced, well written feel of crime, mystery, and compassion all into one. It will make you fly through the pages as more clues are unlocked about who the serial killer is. If you're into suspense and mystery novels, this book will give you all that and then some.

2. "Beneath a Scarlet Sky"

Forgive my adding of another World War 2 work of fiction, but this story has a simpler theme to it. Based on a true story, this novel takes place in Italy during the early stages of the war. The main character, Pino Lella, is a young Italian man who could care less about the war. After his home in Milan is bombed however, he soon finds himself in the position of joining the war. The author seamlessly integrates the feeling of hope, despair and love all into one novel. On top of that, it will soon become a motion picture starring the undeniably attractive Tom Holland (aka Spider-Man).

3. "Me Before You"

Although this book came out a couple of years ago and already has a motion picture, it is just too good not to binge read. Taking place in modern day England, Louisa Clark is just an average girl, living an exceedingly ordinary life. That comes to change once she begins working as a caretaker Will Traynor, a former playboy, executive and adrenaline junkie. Their love story is unlike anything you've possibly read and before you know it, you'll be falling in love with these characters. Having read the book several times, I know that it'll make you laugh, cry, and realize that the little things in life truly do matter.

4. "Sweetbitter"

This unique novel is where many people dream of living: New York City. The main character, Tess, gets a job working at one of the city's most elite and elegant restaurants. Throughout the story, she learns what being young is truly like, with the fast paced city nightlife and the hard work it takes being in the restaurant industry. This novel will want you to curl up by the pool with a drink in your hand.

5. "Girl in Snow"

Another murder mystery novel that has an interesting vibe to it. Set in a town outside of Denver, the murder of a young high school girl has the town up in arms. Told by three different protagonists-Cameron, Jade and Russ- the story weaves in and out of their troubled lives. It will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering "who done it."

All of these wonderful novels can set your mind free and take you on an adventure. You'll be drawn into the wonderful characters and plots. There is no doubt you'll be enjoying every second with one of these books.

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