5 Of The Best (& Most Basic) Shows On Netflix
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5 Of The Best (& Most Basic) Shows On Netflix

Why be productive when you have Netflix?

5 Of The Best (& Most Basic) Shows On Netflix

Remember the days when you would pick a movie on Netflix, rent it, and it would be mailed to your house in a few days? Look at how far we've come! Now we can binge-watch at the comfort of our own computer screens at the click of a button. Due to this easy accessibility, I like many of you, have unfortunately lost the battle between Netflix and productivity time and time again. Although, the good thing about this (arguably wasted) time spent watching Netflix is that I can tell you about which shows might be worth watching.

Here’s a list of what I've found to be 5 Of The Best (& Most Basic) Shows On Netflix.

1. Grey's Anatomy

You didn't fool us Mer! 10 years, 11 seasons, 244 episodes and your story is still going. Based in Seattle, Washington, Grey’s Anatomy follows the lives of different aspiring doctors and surgeons trying to make a name for themselves in the medical field, while trying to figure out their complicated lives at the same time. The show starts with a group of young, naïve interns at the Seattle Grace-turned Seattle Grace Mercy West-turned Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. We become so attached to said interns that everything that happens in the show feels like it's happening to us. A character dies, and so does a little piece of your Grey's life. I can promise you won’t finish one episode with a dry eye but it's an emotional roller coaster that is worth the ride.

2. Gossip Girl

Breakfast at Tiffany's? Check. Attend the most prestigious High School in the city? Check. Have an unlimited amount of money on your credit card? Check. Get Chuck Bass to fall in love with you? Check, check, check! We love to watch Serena and Queen B frolic around NYC causing mayhem because we never know what they're up to next. Although the lives S & B lead aren't exactly realistic, you'll be hooked through envy and eagerness to find out who has been behind the Gossip Girl identity the whole time. XOXO.

3. Friday Night Lights

When you look back on some of your favorite high school memories, Friday night football games are probably on the list. For the Dylan High Panthers, these Friday night games were their entire lives. They offered both players and spectators an escape from the outside world, a community they could be proud of, and most importantly a game they all loved. I think one of the reasons FNL is so popular is because of how real the situations and characters on it act. We find it easy to relate to Julie, and Tim, and Matt, and even Tyra and are reminded of our own high school days, and Friday nights at the football field. Texas Forever.

4. One Tree Hill

Where do I even begin? Anyone who has watched One Tree Hill from start to finish knows that it could never be beat, or even fully explained. The show starts with the characters at Tree Hill High School where we watch them grow up as they battle through an assortment of different real-life situations. When the show comes back for the fifth season, four years into the future, we pick right back up with the River Court gang as if they’d never left high school. Not one episode goes by without teaching us a lesson that we can apply to our lives, and that's what makes OTH such an amazing show.

5. Friends

I know it's a little different from the four shows mentioned above, but I couldn’t finish this list without adding Friends. Most of you have probably seen at least one episode on a night where you couldn't sleep and it was the only thing on TV until 2 a.m. This is where I first started watching it too! Although you can watch it like this sporadically and still be able to understand what’s going on, watching the entire series from start to finish allows you to form bonds with the characters and really love the story that unfolds over the 10 seasons.

Hopefully this list will give you some inspiration if you’re looking for something new to watch, or even something old to re-watch!

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