The 5 Best Fitness YouTube Channels To Watch During Quarantine
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The 5 Best Fitness YouTube Channels To Watch During Quarantine

Forget a summer body, we're getting quarantine bodies!

The 5 Best Fitness YouTube Channels To Watch During Quarantine

Now that most of us are stuck in our homes for the rest of the semester and until further notice, let's work on those quarantine bodies. It can be quite tempting to just barely do your online classes, stay in the same pajamas all week, and eat nothing but junk food. I have been guilty of all three of these, so trust me, I understand.


This channel is one of my all-time favorites, even from before being stuck at home. They have plenty of different workouts with various time-lengths and levels of athleticism. Another thing that is awesome about this page is they have TONS of videos to pick from. You could probably do one video a day, and not go through all their videos until the end of summer, if not later.


I have only done a few of her videos, but I really enjoy them. She has several videos that are only 5-10 minutes long, so you can use them as warm-ups or cool-downs. You could even just do several of her videos a day.

Yoga with Kassandra

I personally haven't tried any of her videos, but I have heard great things. I have been wanting to get into yoga, as I have heard it is really good for both your physical and mental health. Also, for the month of April, she has a 10-minute morning yoga challenge.

The Fitness Marshall

This guy has so much energy! I have done several of his videos, and they are really fun. Most of his videos are between 2-4 minutes because they go along with one song, so I normally would do anywhere between 3-5 videos along with some strength training or running.


This is another channel that I haven't personally tried, but I had a friend of mine recommend it. Ivana has numerous videos to pick from, and a good majority of them are 10 minutes or more. You could easily pick 2 or 3 videos to follow along each day!

Good luck trying out these YouTube channels, and stay safe during this time! Practice social distancing. Call your friends and family members. And as a friendly reminder, you don't have to exercise tons and eat super healthy to be considered healthy!

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