5 Benefits From Being Kind

Being nice can be defined as having a pleasant vibe, showing love, happiness, and a positive outlook towards anyone or anything. Kindness can be shown through small gestures such as holding the door for someone at the store, or a nice comment on someone's appearance to your friend. However, many underestimate the true outcome of these small acts of kindness. True love and affection can change anyone's attitude and view of the world.

1. Better Relationships

One reason kindness is valued in various relationships ranging from a significant other to a family member or friend; is that kind people are more empathetic. Empathizing with one another is a characteristic many carry, however, many present empathy while lacking the 'warmth'. Have you ever met someone, possibly a stranger, and said "hello" with a smile and the stranger's response did not seem to be as happy as yourself when meeting? It may have only lacked that 'warm' welcome you might have expected. However, that hello was not intended to be rude, it merely lacked that subtle kindness. Click here to read more.

2. Fewer Negative Emotions

Have you ever been asked the question, "Is the glass half full, or half empty?" An optimist will say the glass is half full. Meaning optimistic people take a favorable view of events or conditions and expects the best outcome. A pessimist will say the glass is half empty, indicating a tendency to look at all the ways a situation might fail rather than wishing for the best. However, a realist will say the cost of filling up the glass of water is definitely more than the last time. Research from the Huffington Post found that optimists had around a 50 percent lower risk of early death than pessimists. And so the question stands, is being optimistic decreasing negative emotions, thus portraying for kindness and happiness?

3. Increased Health

According to Happier Human, statistics have also shown that people who show more gratitude have increased energy, increased sleep, less physical pain; and an increased time spent exercising. Positivity can truly change a person.

4. Increases Self-esteem

Being kind to others causes people to want to return the favor to you. Thus making you feel better about yourself to being surrounded by happiness and kindness. Everyone loves being loved.

5. Makes The World a Better Place

Seriously. If the world have more acceptance, gratitude, and overall a happier more equal idea of how the world should be; we would not be seeing as much biased hatred towards various ethnic groups. Would it really kill anyone to just be nice?

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