5 Apps For Health Nuts
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5 Apps For Health Nuts

Simplifying the healthy lifestyle.

5 Apps For Health Nuts

Plugging into your technology doesn’t exactly evoke visions of health and fitness. But whether you are trying to eat more organically, drink more water, exercise more, or simply live a healthier lifestyle, there is now an app to help simplify or track the process for you. Maybe your New Year’s Resolution is long forgotten, but a little inspiration via your smart phone might help you renew your dedication to a healthier lifestyle. Listed below are 5 apps that I personally use and swear by that can help you along a healthy journey.

1. Dirty Dozen (free)

The Dirty Dozen app is an easy way to identify what products are in season and pesticide-free. We are fortunate to have produce available to us year round whether or not it is “in season” (think: apples in the summer). However, just because these products are available all year long does not mean they are organic or harvested naturally. Enter the “Dirty Dozen” list. This list ranks the top 12 fruits and vegetables with the highest amount of pesticides at any given time of year. In contrast, the app also features the “Clean 15” list, ranking the top 15 “cleanest” (or pesticide-free) fruits and vegetables at any given time. Just bring out the app in the produce aisle for some easy but mindful shopping.

2. Waterlogged (free)

It is widely accepted that drinking more water is one of the easiest ways to improve your health. Yet most of us fall well short of consuming the recommended daily amounts. The Waterlogged app is designed to help you track your water consumption throughout the day and you can program it to give you “hydration reminders” throughout the day.

3. HealthyOut (free)

One of the most difficult aspects of healthy eating is making good choices when eating at a restaurant. Next time you enjoy a meal out, have HealthyOut help you choose healthier options on the menu as well as help you modify a given order to avoid unnecessary calories and unwanted ingredients. The app can be tailored toward specific dietary restrictions and/or it can ascertain a calorie count for you.

4. Fooducate (free)

Fooducate is a great app for people who are looking to understand a bit more about what’s going into their body. It goes beyond calorie counting by focusing on the quality of food. It includes a barcode feature where you can scan your food and instantly receive nutrition information. This is a great app for breaking down your “healthy” choices to determine if, in fact, that granola bar is a better option than your homemade oatmeal.

5. Couch to 5K ($1.99)

As the name may suggest, this app can get you off the couch and running a 5K in a mere 9 weeks (no experience necessary). For the non-runners among us, motivation is a big hurdle to any sustained running program. Couch to 5K helps by tracking workouts that build in intensity very gradually and manageably. It’s a little personal trainer that breaks your workout into small increments and imparts motivating messages upon you as you exercise.

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