Living in a college dorm is exciting. You get to live with your best friends, there is always something happening, and you'll never get bored... but living with other people isn't always glamorous.

1. The communal bathrooms are disgusting.

You won't believe how gross some of your fellow peers can be. Clogged toilets, hair in shower drain, and strange stains on the bathroom floor are the norm... so get use to it!

2. Good luck finding a washing machine!

When there are a limited number of washers and dryers in your dorm hall, you have to strategically plan when to do your laundry. If you wait until Sunday to do your wash... good luck finding an open machine!

3. People are ruthless in the laundry room.

If you leave your laundry in the washing machine after the cycle has completed... don't be surprised if you find your freshly cleaned clothes in the corner of the dirty laundry room or on top of another washing machine. Set a timer so you don't have to wash your sheets twice in one day!

4. People can be loud... very loud.

The walls in college dorms are as thin as paper. Don't be surprised if you're interrupted from your mid-afternoon nap if you have some rowdy neighbors.

5. Fire!

When you live with hundreds of other people, it's inevitable that someone is going to burn their Easy Mac. Be prepared for a lot of "fires" or the