5 Amazing Yule Ball Gowns You'll Want
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5 Amazing Yule Ball Gowns You'll Want

A gown for every house and taste.

5 Amazing Yule Ball Gowns You'll Want

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you may have heard that Barnes & Noble hosted a Yule Ball across the nation this past Friday. For many fans, this is a dream come true to finally deck themselves out in Hogwarts gear or dress up in their holiday best to attend the event. As we all remember, the Yule Ball is the moment where Hermione graced us all with her presence by walking down the stairs in her beautiful dress in The Goblet of Fire. In a way, this was like a prom for Hogwarts, where the attire was just as magical as the event. Whether or not you're a fan, these outfits are sure to blow your mind away.

1. Gryffindor

This scarlet red dress is dreamy and dignified, as though it is only for the royals. With its A-line silhouette and beautifully adorned bodice, any Gryffindor can surely pull off this gorgeous gown. Although the jewels are silver instead of gold, the dress alone is stunning enough to overlook this attribute. Perfect for formals, this dress is classy enough to last for years to come.

2. Hufflepuff

This bold, canary yellow gown is meant to turn heads with its bright color and fun design. Between the bright yellow that will easily draw eyes from across the room, to the crew neck and short sleeve cuts of the bodice, this dress makes a statement. Plus, the high-low hemline allows for shoes to be seen, so wearing your best pair is a given. This dress is perfect for those who like to take fashion risks and stand out from the crowd.

3. Ravenclaw

A dreamy blue hue for Ravenclaw gown is everything to set the tone of the dance floor. This gorgeous gown will catch the light from every angle with its sequin design that tapers and spreads towards the bottom of the dress. A good twirl on the dance floor lets the tulle fly up and make a scene while also giving the wearer a terrific hourglass figure.

4. Slytherin

If only this dress came in green! This almost too perfect dress is ideal with its statement back piece. The golden chains and snake adorn the wearer's back in a dramatic way to set them apart from everyone else in the room. The simplicity of the design allows for the snake to stand out against the dress without it feeling overpowered. With its figure-hugging silhouette, this dress is not only unique, but also sexy.

5. Hermione's gown.

It's nearly impossible to write a post about Yule Ball gowns without including Hermione's dress. This flattering pink and purple gown is one-of-a-kind that led many viewers to recreate it after the release of the movie. The satin material balances nicely with the flow of the chiffon layers that adorn her sleeves and bottom half of the dress to add a gentle flare. The cut of the bodice emphasizes her small figure perfectly while the bow draws in her waist for an hourglass shape. Overall, this dress was made perfectly for her!

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