5 Alternative Rock Concerts You Don't Want to Miss this Summer

5 Alternative Rock Concerts You Don't Want to Miss this Summer


1. The Kooks with Young Rising Sons

These two bands are ones you don't want to miss. Young Rising Sons are a new band that are taking the alternative scene by storm. They opened for breakout band The 1975 in fall of 2014, and will be touring with Alt Rock veterans, The Kooks. The Kooks' first album came out in 2006, and since then the British Rock band has been to the top of the UK charts since. You can catch both these incredible bands at the House of Blues Boston on May 10.

2. Best Coast

Best Coast is an American Alternative Rock band that dropped their first album in 2009. The duo's first album debuted on Billboard top 200 at number 36 and debuted at number 10 on the the Digital Albums chart. Since their first album, Best Coast has released a multitude of EPs and singles. Their third studio album is set to drop on May 5, 2015. Their sound is highly influenced by the Beatles and the Beach Boys, creating the best summertime music, and a perfect concert. You can catch them at Paradise Rock Club on June 12.

3. Catfish and the Bottlemen

Catfish and the Battlement is a Welsh rock band from Wales, that formed in 2010. While the band has been around for a few years playing small venues in Europe and multiple British Music Festivals, their debut album, The Balcony, was not released in America until January 6, 2015. The band is said to sound like The Kooks, and will be playing in Cambridge at The Sinclair on June 3.

4. James Bay

James Bay is a British singer-songwriter form Herfordshire, England. His sound is more of a soul influenced alternative rock. James Bay is highly influenced by other successful British artists such as Tom Odell and Ed Sheeran. Bay released a number of EPs before dropping his debut single Chaos and the Calm on March 23, 2015. In 2014, Bay toured with breakout artist Hozier. You can catch him on his first headlining tour on April 30 at Paradise Rock Club.

5. Zella Day with Coasts

Coasts is another British Rock group that broke out in 2011. While the band does not have a full album out just yet, they do have four EPs, and plan to release an album very soon. The band has sold out many tours throughout Europe, and are embarking on their first American tour this summer with Zella Day. Zella Day is a Los Angeles based singer/song writer. Her sound is very bohemian and relaxed, and has been compared to Lana Del Rey. In 2012, Zella Day released her first cover of the White Stripes's “Seven Nation Army.” She released her first EP in October of 2014, and her first full length album, Kicker, is set to drop on June 2, 2015. You can catch this amazing duo on May 4 at the Brighton Music Hall.

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30 Things I'd Rather Be Than 'Pretty'

Because "pretty" is so overrated.

Nowadays, we put so much emphasis on our looks. We focus so much on the outside that we forget to really focus on what matters. I was inspired by a list that I found online of "Things I Would Rather Be Called Instead Of Pretty," so I made my own version. Here is a list of things that I would rather be than "pretty."

1. Captivating

I want one glance at me to completely steal your breath away.

2. Magnetic

I want people to feel drawn to me. I want something to be different about me that people recognize at first glance.

3. Raw

I want to be real. Vulnerable. Completely, genuinely myself.

4. Intoxicating

..and I want you addicted.

5. Humble

I want to recognize my abilities, but not be boastful or proud.

6. Exemplary

I want to stand out.

7. Loyal

I want to pride myself on sticking out the storm.

8. Fascinating

I want you to be hanging on every word I say.

9. Empathetic

I want to be able to feel your pain, so that I can help you heal.

10. Vivacious

I want to be the life of the party.

11. Reckless

I want to be crazy. Thrilling. Unpredictable. I want to keep you guessing, keep your heart pounding, and your blood rushing.

12. Philanthropic

I want to give.

13. Philosophical

I want to ask the tough questions that get you thinking about the purpose of our beating hearts.

14. Loving

When my name is spoken, I want my tenderness to come to mind.

15. Quaintrelle

I want my passion to ooze out of me.

16. Belesprit

I want to be quick. Witty. Always on my toes.

17. Conscientious

I want to always be thinking of others.

18. Passionate

...and I want people to know what my passions are.

19. Alluring

I want to be a woman who draws people in.

20. Kind

Simply put, I want to be pleasant and kind.

21. Selcouth

Even if you've known me your whole life, I want strange, yet marvelous. Rare and wondrous.

22. Pierian

From the way I move to the way I speak, I want to be poetic.

23. Esoteric

Do not mistake this. I do not want to be misunderstood. But rather I'd like to keep my circle small and close. I don't want to be an average, everyday person.

24. Authentic

I don't want anyone to ever question whether I am being genuine or telling the truth.

25. Novaturient

..about my own life. I never want to settle for good enough. Instead I always want to seek to make a positive change.

26. Observant

I want to take all of life in.

27. Peart

I want to be honestly in good spirits at all times.

28. Romantic

Sure, I want to be a little old school in this sense.

29. Elysian

I want to give you the same feeling that you get in paradise.

30. Curious

And I never want to stop searching for answers.
Cover Image Credit: Favim

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16 'Golden Girls' Quotes That Are Still Golden In 2019

Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia..four unique middle aged women from different backgrounds under one roof.


One of the greatest shows of all time (at least in my opinion) is Golden Girls. I was not born yet when it first aired in 1985, but thankfully it is on Hulu. Here are just some of the many quotes from the series's seven-year run.

1. Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping. -Blanche Devereaux

2. Go to sleep sweetheart. Pray for brains. -Dorothy Zbornak

3. Dorothy, was Sophia naked just now, or does her dress really need ironing. -Rose Nylund

4. People waste their time pondering whether a glass if half empty of half full. Me, I just drink whatever's in the glass. -Sophia Petrillo

5. I've been having a giood time, and there wasn't even a man in the room. -Blanche Devereaux

6. As they say in St. Olaf, Helgenbargenflergenflurfennerfen. -Rose Nylund

7. Have I given you any indication that I care? -Sophia Petrillo

8. I'm as jumpy as a virgin in a prison rodeo. -Blanche Devereaux

9. Blanche, I could get herpes listening to this story -Dorothy Zbornak

10. I had a knack for coming up with the firmest, most appealing yams. -Rose Nylund

11. No, I will not have a nice day! -Dorothy Zbornak

12. Look, you didn't ask for my opinion, but I'm old, so I'm giving it anyway. -Sophia Petrillo

13. There is a fine line between having a good time and being a wanton slut. My toe has been on that line. Blanche Devereaux

14. You'll have to excuse my mother. She suffered a slight stroke a few years ago which rendered her totally annoying. -Dorothy Zbornak

15. Everybody likes me. -Rose Nylund

16. Silly rabbi. Tricks are for kids. -Sophia Petrillo

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