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Teacher Appreciation Week

Some teachers just really stick with ya...you know?

Teacher Appreciation Week

Everyone has those teachers that stick with you and made a difference in your life.

1. Grant Elementary School

Angel Morton — My kindergarten teacher — who when people ask who was your favorite teacher would be her. Its not just because she was my kindergarten teacher that she is my favorite. I remember so much from that class: 1. When it was the 100th day of school, I was the person who got to point to the numbers on the wall with the meter stick with the rabbit at the end. 2. How one day I had to turn my card which meant I didn't get to have a gummy bear at the end of the day. 3. Getting the terrific kid award and I did not want to go on stage because I was in the am class so I have never been to an assembly and I would have to walk in front of everyone on the school and that was scary. Even after kindergarten when the two classes would run into each other, I would wave and she would wave back. It just made me feel like someone noticed me even after I was out of the class.

Then a couple months ago, I found that she had a Facebook and I sat for a long moment and thought "is this weird?" but then I thought "the only thing that could happen is that she doesn't accept the request." But then I got the notification that she accepted and I was the happiest person in the world. I just feel that I learned something from you and my 5 year old self just didn't know it at the time, but now that I'm 20 I still don't know what the message was exactly because I can only remember so much . But I think the reason I always answered "a kindergarten teacher" when asked the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" was because of you, and the positive experience I had while in your class

David Bader — My fourth grade teacher and my second favorite teacher of all time. Not only did we wear Hawaiian shirts on Fridays, if we as a class did well in music or P.E we would get a second recess and what 4th grader wouldn't enjoy that? But he would read to us, everyday we got a chapter out of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" while he was reading the first book I thought "Why not read the series myself? try and beat the class?" and that's what I did. When the class was maybe half way book 2 or started on book 3, I started from the beginning. and soon enough I was a head of the class by a couple books and soon I was done with the series. But I didn't stop reading their I just kept on finding books to read and read and read. The amount of AR point I had that year was ridiculous. I was pretty high on the list of kids with high AR points that year. if it was not for this teacher right here I would not have the book obsession I have today.

2. Mason Middle School

No one likes middle school. I have 2 teachers I enjoyed during my 3 years in a not so fun place.

Michael Banet He was my orchestra teacher for all three years and it was one of the most enjoyable classes I had, even when it got really stressful when concerts were coming up I still enjoyed it. The inside jokes that happened in that class will always make me laugh, whenever I hear the word "Squirrel" I will think of this class. The time where he decided he wanted to see how many war heads people could handle at once was very fun since I was one of the few that volunteered, I'm pretty sure I had at least ten in my mouth all at once. Even to this day I can remember the fingering for some of my favorite songs. With this class it just brought me into the world of music and it made me so happy. I'm sad I didn't continue it in high school but going from point defiance to downtown where I didn't know where anything was at was very scary so I decided not to continue. If I could go back I would have continued playing because I really miss it. I still remember playing Clocks by cold play which sounded beautiful and was so much fun to play. or 21 guns by green day which is surprisingly sounds very nice played on stings. This class will always be something I will remember.

Teri Campbell She was my favorite language arts (English) teacher I had in middle school (8th grade). Quick background: I hated English with a passion, and I especially hated writing papers. However, something began to change that year, I am not sure if it was the subject that we looked at in this class or the books we read but somehow I became to understand parts of this this class that was language arts. The way she explained things made it easy to understand, she was easy to talk to so asking her questions about things was easy. She was part of the processed that helped me realize that I wasn't a sucky writer, and that I could get better.

Also both of these teachers wrote me recommendations to get into my high school, and some of the reasons above is why I choose them to write the recommendations.


The high school in portables that moved from a parking lot (which was the best place tbh) and into a forest while I was their. (But we didn't get our building like we were promised during freshmen year...btw majority of us are all still petty about it).

Emily Wickman — My mentor and the choir teacher in a school full of science and math people. I loved the energy you would bring into a room. When you would bring your kids to class they made me so happy. the amount of different music I learned from being in your choir classes all four years. But what I really took out of having you as a teacher and a mentor is to be silly and outgoing no matter the situation, which is crazy to say about me. But I feel it coming out here and there and it makes me think of my silly mentor teacher who would climb on top of her piano bench while pregnant to show us something about music, or doing lipsync battles and killing it.

Tim Chalberg — We both came into this school new and confused. but we got through that first year and went forward. Then senior year when I had my broken finger you would let me into the portable a little early so I could get my stuff situated easily. Making sure I was able to do the quizzes or the activities in class while I was going through physical therapy with my weird hand contraption I had going on. you were one of the few teachers that actually made sure I was able to do activities in class and I appreciate it very much. (and you were the only one at my graduation party thanks again for coming!)

Jacob Hansen — You were honestly the only reason me and Cailin passed pre-calc, so I apologize for bugging you so much during your planning period, but thank you so much for helping us out.

4. UWT

I have been here for almost 2 years so I haven't had to many repeat professors yet but the one person I saw throughout these two years was my academic advisor Kira King. She was my professor for one quarter for a college success class, but she never acted like a professor or an academic advisor. She asked how you were doing good or bad and at some points will give advice or ways to make the bad into good. When it came to me and freaking out about what I was going to major in she would tell me "It's ok you have time to figure this out" and then would show me these major options that were open and would was on track for. She saw me grow from this "I'm not sure why I'm here" into "I'm going to major into this because it wont keep me trapped in certain classes and I wont get bored. This is the only one that seems to fit with me here and I might not know what I can get out of this degree (but from what we learned from the college success class is that people with one degree and go into work that has nothing to do with their majors) but we will figure that out later." I honestly feel that if I didn't have her as an advisor I wouldn't have declared a major at this point, I really think she was really apart of the process of me slowly figuring out what would be the best fit for me. I'm sad that I will no longer have her as an advisor, but I will see her going to my new advisor, and around school.

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