47 Things You've Probably Heard If You Go To Longwood University
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Student Life

47 Things You've Probably Heard If You Go To Longwood University

13. Farmvegas.

47 Things You've Probably Heard If You Go To Longwood University
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With only a little over 5,000 students, Longwood University is known for being small, yet very well connected. Everyone seems to know everyone, and wherever you walk, you'll probably hear at least one student say one of these quotes below...

1. I'll meet you at Ruffner Fountain after class.

2. I miss the old d-hall set-up.

3. I wish we had a real Starbucks.

4. Pairet's is the only real place to get t-shirts.

5. We are the real LU.

6. I want queso. Let's go to Moes!

7. When will d-hall have chicken nuggets again?

8. Hearing your professors call Hampden Sydney boys "hamsters."

9. We have a pool?

10. Buffalo Street.

11. Will D-hall actually be good today?

12. My professor gave me candy when I went to their office hours.

13. Farmvegas.

14. Let's go swimming in the fountain!

15. Sorry I'm late, Einsteins took forever to toast my bagel.

16. The Park = Lancer Park.

17. I'm so glad Greens-to-go takes meal swipes.

18. I wish there were more places to shop.

19. High Bridge.

20. Wanna go sit on Stubbs Lawn?

21. My stomach hurts after eating d-hall.

22. The library is freezing.

23. I can't wait for the new Stu.

24. Do we even need a new Stu?

25. Our football team is undefeated.

26. DOGS.

27. My roommates are crazy.

28. I love my roommates.

29. Let's go to Bingo!

30. The only majors people come here for are Education and Nursing.

31. I woke up 10 minutes before my 8am, and I got there at 8:03.

32. The FAB is so unpredictable.

33. Wanna go to Walmart?

34. I'm tired.

35. Hearing your friends complain about how you know everyone when walking to class.

36. I'll only go if there is free food.

37. Java City.

38. I wish Sweet Frog took bonus dollars.

39. I can't buy anything, I'm poor.

40. If I get hit by the FAB, then they'll pay my tuition.

41. Living in Curry or Frazer signals a rite of passage.

42. Cringing when people say Chichester and not CHI-chester.

43. Let's go to the Chi walk tonight!

44. Oktoberfest.

45. We need more parking.

46. I wish the bike racks were covered.


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