45 Thank Yous to My College Friends
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45 Thank Yous to My College Friends

I'm forever indebted.

45 Thank Yous to My College Friends
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When they say you find your best friends in college, whoever "they" are sure aren't lying. The cool thing about friends in college is that the friendship you share is genuine. You're friends with the other person because you share common interests and similarities, unlike high school where you were friends simply because you were in the same building 8 hours a day, 180 days a year.

From hometownies I got close with in college, to the besties I made freshman year, to the friends I met through friends, and to acquaintances I feel like I've known my entire life- here are 45 reasons I'm thanking my you:

1. For going to the bathroom with me every single time, even when you didn't have to pee.

2. For not judging me when I'm clearly a mess.

3. For always being down to get food, even when you've already eaten.

4. For the life changing conversations.

5. For pushing me outside of my comfort zone so I can experience the finer (and funner) things in life.

6. For fixing my makeup when we're out. Whether you're wiping my runny mascara or blending the patchy spot where I wiped the queso off of my chin.

7. For letting me spend the night, no matter the circumstance.

8. For being my stand-in family while I'm away from my own.

9. Laughing at the only joke I know (and tell at every social event we go to).

10. For sharing. Food, drinks, clothing, advice... basically everything.

11. For introducing me to all of your cool friends.

12. For not judging me when I eat 6 pieces of pizza in one sitting.

13. For helping me find shows to binge watch on Netflix.

14. And for watching them with me.

15. For not spoiling the endings to the movies I haven't seen yet, even if I'm 15 years behind.

16. For tagging me in funny tweets, and vines, and Instagram posts.

17. For making the group message a little more lively.

18. For showing me all of the coolest hidden spots on campus.

19. For helping me decide whether to swipe left or right.

20. For only sometimes screenshotting my ugly snaps.

21. For suffering through the things I don't want t do with me.

22. For never getting mad when I say "ew oh my gosh let's take another one".

23. And for joining me in celebrating every good picture we actually take.

24. For liking all of my Instagram posts.

25. And for liking everything I share on Facebook so my family actually thinks I have friends.

26. For trying new things with me.

27. For teaching me the importance of maintaining a real friendship.

28. And for making it so easy to do so.

29. For all of the nights spent in the living room trying to perfect all of the new stupid dance trends.

30. For trips to Dunkin Donuts at 3 a.m.

31. For joining me in serenading all of the people we share the road with.

32. For sharing the aux cord.

33. For all of the killer Spotify playlists we share.

34. For answering my FaceTime calls.

35. For texting me beforehand to ask "are you dressed down or do you look nice?" to make sure we're always on the same page.

36. For letting me be a proud parent whenever you do something awesome.

37. And for being mine in the off chance I do something cool.

38. For shred meal swipes.

39. And for couples costumes.

40. For dancing with me when creepy guys at Lux snesk up on us.

41. For "emergency" calling me when I need rescued from an awkward encounter.

42. For loving Bitmoji just as much as I do.

43. For introducing me to things like Sheetz butterfly gummies and arroz con pollo.

44. For pretending to like the things I like, just to make me happy.

45. And for never letting a day go dull.

Thank you for everything. My life is so much better because you are in it.

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