43 Questions I Have For UC Irvine
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Student Life

43 Questions I Have For UC Irvine

It’s about to get real, UCI.

43 Questions I Have For UC Irvine

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate my education here at UC Irvine. However there are a good amount of things I have questioned over the three years I've been a student here. Some even include life and death. Gasp! Find out more on this list of questions I have for the University of California, Irvine.

1. Why is there no dorming after our second year? Trying to make us real “adults” real soon?

2. Why is it that my “Political Science” lecture at the scientific research building, Rowland Hall?

3. How come the ACC’s are considered “on-campus” housing but not the apartments 2 minutes away from UTC?

4. How is it that there’s enough in the budget to re-do the bathroom at Rowland Hall when the PSLH bathroom continues to replicate the reminisce of a college frat party?

5. MSTB??? It’s a question within itself

6. How is it that out-of-state students have to take thousands of loans to be apart of the student population where there are other western states offering full tuition coverage for your citizens?

7. Why is it that the math department insists on standardizing Math 2A-2B final exams when it know those are the top failed classes at UCI?

8. Why was SPOP so awkward?

9. Why didn't you build the new Mesa building my freshmen year when I lived in an almost illegal triple dorm situation in Middle Earth?

10. Why is there hair in the food at the Anteartey?

11. What makes Pippin’s smells linger on my clothes and hair so badly?

12. Why is enrolling for classes similar to participating in the Hunger Games?

13. How come am I always behind on classes when registration screw me over?

14. When enrolling for classes, how is it that the lecture spots are open but the discussion spots are all full?

15. What is the origin of $2 Boba? I’m genuinely curious.

16. Why is it that every time the shuttle buses get full, no one goes further back of the bus even after the driver announces to? You're just wasting everyone’s time.

17. Why aren't there any dead days before finals week?

18. How come summer school cost $273/unit? They’re the same classes during the school year.

19. Is apart of the tuition going to Disneyland tickets for visiting teachers, education-related administrators, and more to buy them to promoting our school to their children?

20. Why did it take until the summer of 2016 to decide to build a Target by campus? What took so long?

21. Why does the campus wifi never work on certain parts of campus? It’s campus-WIDE wifi.

22. How is it that I, a paying student, must deal with the miscreants children taking up the line at Starbucks? I need my coffee, stat, and they're just willy-nillying ordering their frappucinos

23. Why is the lighting in HH looks has some romantic vibe?

24. How is it that every time I step in to Albertson’s, the price of every single product instantly inflates by 200%?

25. How is it that there is enough funding to provide “League of Legends” players scholarship money but not enough to provide services for undocumented, first-generation, and low-income students?

26. How is it the Financial Office not as large as it should? Like physically large to represent how many students are constantly screwed over financially.

27. HICF? Why are the classrooms sauna hot one minute and tundra cold the next?

28. And HSLH, Why are you a leaning Tower of Pisa deathtrap?

29. Why is the traffic light existing by the bridge, raising our tuition one-by-one?

30 .Why does someone have to be that jerk at Starbucks that just leaves their stuff to claim a table?

31. How come there is no shade for the sitting area outside of Starbucks by the Student Center? It’s California, there’s going to be some sun.

32. How come that there are 3 Starbucks but no Coffee Bean on campus?

33. Why is Triple E still a thing? That website is prehistoric.

34. How come is it a death sentence to cross the street? Repeat after me: Pedestrians have right-of-way.

35. How is it that each school’s set of academic counselors seem to be a decrepit entity of unseeable figures?

36. Why are there so many acronym names for a good amount of our buildings?

37. How high are the cops’ quota are to ticket people for j-walking and parking?

38. What is with the bipolar weather here?

39. How did the fires start at Langston Library? Both times?

40. Why is it that the majority of the student population isn't aware of the 22 on-campus Constitutional Rights they have as students?

41. How come the younger classes are getting more attractive? What’s in their food?

42. Why is Albertson’s the only available supermarket? I’m a poor college student not some bucket of money?

43. Where’s the hummus guy when you need him?

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