What It's Like Living With Siblings That Are Twins

The 411 On Living With Twins In The Family

There's just something special about being a twin.


First of all, the concept of twins is so cool to me. You've got two babies growing in a tiny little-confined space normally meant for just one. Then they're born at the same time and share a percentage of genetic traits. Identical twins share 99.9% percent of their DNA, and fraternal twins share 50%.

I am lucky enough to not only have twins in my immediate family but to have healthy twins in my family. There can be a lot of complications during a pregnancy with twins, but my family was able to welcome two very healthy siblings into my household. As the oldest of four, I was more than excited when I found that out that I was not only going to have another sibling but both a brother and a sister. I was only 5 years old when they were born and my brother was two, but we were so excited to help pick the names of our new siblings.

Twins actually run in my family, which is something that I love sharing with people because it's pretty unique to have 2 sets of twins in my family. My uncle has twins that are fraternal boy and girl as well. They're older than I am and when I was little, it was fun to get a taste of what it was like to be around twins before they were introduced into my immediate family.

As the oldest sibling, living with twins who are the youngest siblings is a really unique thing that not many people get to experience. My brother and sister don't look that much alike to me, and it's interesting that when people find out there are twins in my family, they often mistake my two brothers for the twins. They're always surprised when we tell them that the twins are actually my sister and younger brother. Growing up, my brother and sister didn't do many things together that identical twins might do like dressing in the same clothes, doing the same activities, having the same group of friends, etc.

No one ever confused them for each other because they're fraternal boy and girl and have different hobbies. If anything, my mom would dress my sister and I the same and then my brothers as well. The only thing they really did together was play on the same sports teams when they were young and have joint birthday parties for their first few birthdays.

Now that my brother and sister are 16 years old, it's been quite an experience getting to see them grow up and become closer. They have begun to mesh their friend groups and it's fun to see them hang out together more. Being on the same soccer and hockey teams growing up, they were surrounded by the same teammates and coaches, and now that they're on separate teams and have different experiences, it's cool to see them now hanging out in the same friend groups and getting to experience high school together.

Everyone knows that there has to be equality among siblings in the family, but with twins, it's emphasized even more and is more apparent. Regardless of twins being identical or fraternal, everything has to be split evenly: your time spent with them, your affection towards them, gifts, activities… everything. Both of my siblings just got their learner's permits at the same time, which is a huge landmark for both of them. It seems like even more important now that there are two of them who have completed this milestone.

I've always been somewhat jealous of my siblings being twins. It's like having a built-in best friend that you're more connected with than your other siblings. Of course, you're still close with your other siblings, but there's just something special about being a twin. They have a special connection that only twins seem to have. They can sense when something is off with the other. They always know they will have each other's backs and be there for each other.

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To The Best Friend That Turned Into A Stranger

We were the type of friends that were so close people would mistake us for sisters. Then we went to college.


When you hear the world soulmate you think of the person you're destined to spend the rest of your life with.

The person you marry, have kids with, and love unconditionally for the rest of your life. For me, I found my soulmate. Not in a boy, but in a best friend.

We were the type of friends that were so close people would mistake us for sisters.

Some even thought my little sister was your twin. We did everything together, and quickly you became apart of my family. I think you spent the last 4 years staying at my house more than your own. Even when I was 10 hours away at college you were still there with my family.

We went through the ups and downs of high school together.

We were there for each other through every heartbreak, trauma, and loss. Even 549 miles away from each other, I knew you would be there anytime I needed you because we always stuck by each others sides.

We even got tattoos together, because we were the type of friends that would never not be in each other's lives. When people saw me, they saw you. If you weren't around, they would ask where you were.

Until everything fell apart, I left college and you went to college.

We didn't see each other as often as we did but we still talked. I could feel you pulling away and I didn't know why. You found a new friend, and i am so happy you did because the last thing I would want, would for you to be alone in college. But you quickly replaced me. You would come home during breaks and spend 1 day with me and the rest with her.

The reasoning why you said you weren't spending time with me was hurtful, and it's not something I'll mention here. But just know it hurts. Asking for you to give me back the key I gave you for my house hurt.

I know you've been through a lot, and even after all the fighting, I reached out to you.

Because I will always care about you and love you like a sister. But you can only try so hard to fight for someone that doesn't want to be in your life anymore.

I hope you find pure happiness, you deserve it. Just know I miss you and I always will. No one prepared me for the pain I would feel when losing my soulmate.

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When You Are The Youngest Of 6 Kids

Having five older siblings is the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for. I get best friends for life.


I am probably one of the luckiest people on the planet because I have so many brothers and sisters. I have three brothers and two sisters. I'm the youngest of the six, so I have had a pretty interesting experience growing up with a big family.

My oldest brother is ten years older than me. All of my siblings were born in the 90s and I wasn't, but I wanted to fit in with them. I had to make sure I watched the same TV shows and movies that they did so I could relate to them. I tried to play the same games that they played, such as SEGA and Nintendo. I was not very good at any of them, but I was just happy to be with my siblings.

Going to school was always interesting because I always had a teacher that one or more of my siblings already had. Every year in school from 1st grade to 12th grade, I always heard, "Oh, I had a few of your siblings." Then, for the rest of the year, my teachers would slip up every once in a while and call me one of my sisters' names. I understood, though, because all of us look alike, so I would just go along with it and act like that was my name.

With my sisters, the three of us look like triplets, even though we are years apart. I get called Jess or Jen a lot by my parents. By process of elimination, they eventually figure out my name. I'm used to it as I respond to anyone who calls me by one of my sister's names.

Being the youngest, I get to see all my brothers and sisters accomplish many things. I watch what they do and learn from it. The problem for me has always been that all of my siblings are brilliant. I have always had to live up to the standards that my siblings set. It hasn't always been easy.

It can be frustrating because anyone that knows my brothers and sisters will automatically compare me to them in terms of intelligence. For example, I took AP Statistics in high school. I knew my teacher had a few of my siblings who were very bright and did well in that class. My teacher probably thought I was an idiot because I struggled in that class.

I have to try and prove to people that I am my own person and that I am just related to really smart people.

I never needed to worry about friends at school because, at the end of the day, I always had my five best friends at home. When we were all younger, we had our own sleepovers and parties, and we played games all the time.

Whenever I needed help with homework, I had my own free tutors at home who were willing to help me understand algebra and biology. Even in college, I still go to them when I need help with an assignment.

They took care of me when I was younger whenever my parents were working. I had my other five parents who were ready to take care of me. They still take care of me today.

Now that I am an adult, I have had to start doing things for myself. It's kind of weird.

I always had everyone else do everything for me or with me. If I needed to go somewhere, they were my chauffeurs. If we went out to eat somewhere, they paid, but now I can drive myself around and pay for things with my own money.

At the end of the day, I have five best friends for life. For me, that is all I need.

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